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Felted cushion avaA lot of people have problems with choosing the best wedding gift for their family or friends. Sometimes you just wrack your brain for days but can’t make a decision! Well, we’d like to offer you a great idea – these charming felted cushions that look just like river stones can become the perfect wedding present for a modern family. They fit in almost any interior and are so cozy. And if the bride and groom are fond of natural, eco-friendly things, this is the best choice ever. These felted cushions look really unique and homey.

What is a felted stone cushion?

The felted “stone” cushions are great furniture items. They can be of various sizes, shapes, and function. Smaller pillows are perfect as couch cushions. Large ones serve as ottomans and poufs.




The cushion cover is made from natural wool (merino or New Zealand kardoches wool). The filler is hollowfiber – hypoallergenic material, typically used as pillow filler. So, these cushions are suitable not only for being décor elements but can be used as pillows as well. Their surface is very unique and unusual to the touch. Having such curious cushions at home, be ready for each and every guest wanting to touch and cuddle with them.


Felted cushion3
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Poufs and ottomans are made a bit more durable because people must be able to sit on them. That’s why the felt cover is thicker, there are three layers of wool, one of which is sturdy and coarse to add extra durability. The filler for poufs and ottomans is hollowfiber mixed with foam crumb so that these furniture pieces lasted longer. But the surface is warm and nice to the touch – everyone will definitely enjoy sitting on such a pouf instead of a usual chair or stool. Felted poufs are perfect for lounge zones, nurseries (as they are kid safe furniture), and living rooms, especially when you like to house cozy parties and chill out with friends.

How to choose a perfect fit to the interior

Today, most couples move in and already have their own place to live before they get married. And it makes choosing a useful wedding gift for them that much harder. But memorable gifts and tasteful décor pieces are always welcome.


Felted cushion4
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Felted cushions and poufs are a great present because they are useful and look adorable. But for a person who’s never dealt with interior design, it can be rather hard to choose the right color, size, shape, and even number of couch cushions or poufs. So, we offer our help with this – you can send us photos of the room or just ask for advice and we will consult you to make sure you are satisfied with your order.

Sizes and prices

We have round and oval felted “stone” cushions of various sizes.


Felted cushion1
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Here are some of the most popular sizes of oval cushions:

25х20х10 cm or 10x8x4 inches    Price: $28

35х25х14 cm or 14x10x6 inches    Price: $63

45х30х17 cm or 18x12x7 inches    Price: $119

55х40х20 cm or 22x16x8 inches    Price: $196

65х45х25 cm or 26x18x10 inches    Price: $308

We ship worldwide and try to offer you the best price, so the delivery fee is on the customer.

But cushions and poufs of practically any size can be made to order. And the best thing about it – the price is the same whether you buy ready-made or order custom-made items. The price depends only on the size. And it takes only 3-5 days to produce the cushions, so you won’t have to wait too long.




Also, we are ready to offer you cushion sets made in the same style. Our top rated set is 35х25х14 (14x10x6 inches) + 45х30х17 (18x12x7 inches) + 65х45х25 (26x18x10 inches). The price for this set is $440. But you can order other sizes that suit you.


Felted cushion2
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The most popular colors are white, black, dark or light gray, brown, and beige because they are natural. But we also have terracotta, blue, light-pink, and light green cushions.


Felted cushion5
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Each felted cushion is unique because they are handmade. There are no two absolutely identical items. So they can add downright charming accents to any interior.

We offer a variety of colors and sizes, but if you have something particular in mind, contact us and order a custom-made sofa cushion, pouf, ottoman, carpet made from small felt pebbles, etc.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us via

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