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Throw blanket avaIt’s the fall wedding season right now and a lot of couples are preparing to tie the knot. If you are one of the invited guests and still don’t have the best wedding present chosen and ready for the big celebration, we’re glad to offer you a great wedding gift idea. It’s a stylish and chic throw blanket, hand-knitted, warm, and soft. It is a must-have for every family room. These throw blankets scream coziness and luxury, but they are also perfect for snuggling with a cup of tea on chilly days.

When you look at these blankets thrown over the furniture, it seems like they’re just décor items meant to look stylish and make your room fancier. But they actually are very handy, durable, and are made for everyday usage. You can cover your feet with this knit throw blanket while you’re watching TV, reading a book, or taking a nap. These are practical and cozy.


Throw blanket7


The wool throw blankets we sell are handmade. They are knitted with these extra large needles. The threads used to make them are Australian wool – elastic and soft, not itchy at all. Unlike blankets made from merino roving wool (you can see them everywhere these days), our chunky blankets are much more durable, moisture-resistant (water doesn’t damage the blanket – you just let it dry on it’s own and continue to use it), and long-lived.


Care instructions

People sometimes are afraid of natural woolen things because they need special care. But actually it’s easy! Don't deprive yourself and your beloved ones of the coziness you deserve.


Throw blanket8


These beautiful knit throw blankets are easily washed (by hand or washing machine – use wool or delicate cycle).

But remember that you shouldn’t wring out wool too hard to avoid stretching and damaging.

Also, such chunky blankets are best to dry naturally, in a horizontal position. No line drying or drying on hangers.

And that’s it. Only two simple rules to follow.

Colors, sizes, and prices

Right now, there are 4 most popular designs of wool throws we offer. But if you would like to order an individually-made chunky blanket, you’re welcome to contact us and we’ll arrange it.


Throw blanket color


Colors that are available:

  • white (more accurately, ivory or cream – natural wool color, without whitening);
  • anthracite (gorgeous and unusual color, more dark-gray than black);
  • chocolate-brown;
  • light-gray;
  • rich rose (saturated rose color rather than pale).

The knit throw blankets of each design have their particular sizes, which depend on the pattern. Here are these sizes and their prices.

Design 1

Throw blanket1
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43"x71" or 110x180 cm     Price: $385    -20%    New price: $308

53"x71" or 135x180 cm     Price: $400    -20%    New price: $320

53"x79" or 135x200 cm     Price: $430    -20%    New price: $344


Design 2

Throw blanket3
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Throw blanket2
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47"x70" or 120x180 cm     Price: $355    -20%    New price: $284

51"x80" or 130x205 cm     Price: $385    -20%    New price: $308


Design 3

Throw blanket4
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45"x79" or 115x200 cm     Price: $390    -20%    New price: $312


Design 4

Throw blanket5
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Throw blanket6
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61"x80" or 155x205 cm     Price: $490    -20%    New price: $392



We ship worldwide and try to offer you the best price, so the delivery fee is on the customer.

It takes only about 5 days to make a throw blanket, so your order will be ready and shipped to your place in a short time.

Just about any bride would be happy to get such a knit throw blanket as a wedding gift because it suits any interior and is a really useful present. Especially for those who like cute and snuggly things to keep them comfy at home.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us via

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or social media:





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