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Throw blanket2 avaCraft Wedding Gifts shop has great news for you! We offer a seasonal discount for all our knit throw blankets. Order a fancy hand-knitted blanket made from Australian wool this winter and get a 20% discount. Our wool chunky blankets became a popular winter wedding gift because they are charming and perfectly snuggly. Don’t lose your chance to get a lovely wedding present for your beloved ones and save money.

This is a perfect winter wedding present. Our chunky blankets are made from natural materials and are very practical and cozy. Just imagine the newlyweds sitting in their living room, near the fireplace, with a warm chunky blanket thrown over their feet, while outside the winter is in full swing. Is there any better wedding present?




Throw blanket14


You can find more info on the individually-made knit throw blankets we offer here: Stylish knit throw blanket – a perfect wedding gift.

New prices for wool chunky blankets

Design 1

Throw blanket8
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43"x71" or 110x180 cm    Price: $385    -20%    New price: $308

53"x71" or 135x180 cm    Price: $400    -20%    New price: $320

53"x79" or 135x200 cm    Price: $430    -20%    New price: $344



Design 2

Throw blanket11
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Throw blanket12

47"x70" or 120x180 cm    Price: $355    -20%    New price: $284

51"x80" or 130x205 cm    Price: $385    -20%    New price: $308



Design 3

Throw blanket4
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Throw blanket9
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Throw blanket10

45"x79" or 115x200 cm    Price: $390    -20%    New price: $312



Design 4

Throw blanket13
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61"x80" or 155x205 cm    Price: $490    -20%    New price: $392

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We ship worldwide and try to offer you the best price, so the delivery fee is on the customer.

It takes only about 5 days to make a throw blanket, so your order will be ready and shipped to your place in a short time.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us via

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