A humanist wedding is a non-religious wedding ceremony, which allows a lot of freedom as to where, how, and when to get married. It means that there are no rules and a couple can do whatever they want to perform the ceremony. They don’t need a church or a registers office but they need a trained and licensed celebrant.

This year, boho wedding décor will be trendy but intertwined with other styles, like boho minimalism or boho romantic style – various eclectic styles. Such elements as Bohemian rugs, natural drapes, gemstones, lush greenery, organic bouquets, and other boho items are fashionable in 2020 wedding season.

The Herero people who live in Southern Africa have a very unusual wedding headwear used by the local brides. This ethnic group are cattlemen, so they are rather attached to their herds of cows because it’s practically the only means for them to survive. Herero people even have several wedding rituals related with cattle. The traditional Herero bridal headdress called “otjikalva” reminds us of cow horns. It has a specific shape. And it is still used by Herero brides today.

At some Mexican weddings, a pinata is used. This item is an important part of Mexican culture, so it’s no surprise that it’s used during weddings. The pinata is filled with candy and broken by children attending the wedding. All guests share the candies.

The mother of the groom and mother of the bride should wear appropriate clothing to their children’s wedding. Remember that the length and decolletage of the dress should be modest. Mid-calf length or knee-length is perfect. No mini-skirts. No deep necklines or open-back dresses. But it is perfectly fine to wear a tight-fitting dress or spaghetti straps or a sleeveless gown. The dress can be sexy but not tacky and vulgar.

The engagement and wedding rings made from black gold look exotic and unusual, though they are more and more common these days. Note that if you choose a black gold engagement ring, both groom’s and bride’s wedding rings should also be made from this metal. Otherwise, it will look weird.

Fancy weddings usually offer wedding favors for the guests. One of many options is a welcome bag with useful items for out-of-town guests. Also, that’s a good wedding favor when you’re having a destination wedding. In can include a cute eco bag to carry goods, a map of the town, a brochure about the town or place where the wedding is held (with tourist attractions, stores, and other useful info), bottled water, local treats (e.g. sweets or healthy snacks), a hangover kit, and any other items.

This is a great way for the couple’s closest relatives to make some money for the bride and groom. Their unmarried siblings wear funny socks and perform a funny dance at the wedding party. The guests throw money at the dancers, the bills are then collected and given to the couple. The money then goes to the new family’s budget or helps pay for the honeymoon.

Wedding bread is a special loaf of bread used during several wedding rituals in some Slavic countries. It is called “korovai”, “karavai”, or “kravai”. It is baked specifically for the wedding and then used during the rituals of blessing the couple and bread sharing when each guest gets a piece of bread. The korovai is always teared rather than cut with a knife. Wedding bread is used in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Belarus, Romania, and Russia.

The wedding day info suite has various printed materials for the wedding guests. It may include a wedding ceremony program, a dinner menu, a place card, an escort card, a table number, a thank-you card, etc. The most chic weddings offer custom-made printed materials – everything in a unique design and singed with the names/initials of the bride and groom, wedding date, etc.

How do you think who is that lucky woman who got the most expensive engagement ring known for now? It’s the American singer Mariah Carey and her ring cost $10 million. It was a 35-carat diamond ring set in platinum and framed by more diamond baguettes. She got this engagement ring from the millionaire man James Packer. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last long, but the excitement and emotions she must have gotten when proposed to with such a ring will stay with Mariah Carey forever.