cwg avaToday, weddings became smaller and homier because of Covid-19 restrictions. Couples all around the world try to show their affection to those few wedding guests they invite to the ceremony. So, wedding favors and bridesmaid gifts are becoming more popular. And what can be a better gift for a woman than jewelry or fashionable accessories? If you’re looking for a unique, good-looking, and useful bridesmaid gift or wedding favor, here’s a truly nice idea – handmade and hand-embroidered bracelets in casual style, which your guests will be able to wear in daily life long after the actual wedding. This wedding favor no one will throw away or leave at the table after the reception.

beer mugs avaIn the 2020 wedding season, rustic and eclectic décor is very trendy, so you will probably be invited to a wedding in this style. And what a better wedding present than fancy rustic-style kitchen utensils? These wooden cuties are eco-friendly, handmade, practical, and also look good – everything you need in a perfect wedding gift. We have to offer you unusually-shaped cutting boards, rustic-looking beer mugs, and adorable wooden plates.

Throw blanket2 avaCraft Wedding Gifts shop has great news for you! We offer a seasonal discount for all our knit throw blankets. Order a fancy hand-knitted blanket made from Australian wool this winter and get a 20% discount. Our wool chunky blankets became a popular winter wedding gift because they are charming and perfectly snuggly. Don’t lose your chance to get a lovely wedding present for your beloved ones and save money.

Tender Cotton avaIt is very trendy today to decorate your kitchen in a unique style, adding personalized touches and different décor elements. And a lot of newlywed couples start their life together in a new house or apartment. Surely, they need new appliances, furniture, and cute knickknacks to make it look homey. This is your chance to choose the best wedding gift for your beloved newlywed friends or family members – order a handmade kitchen décor set and give them a really memorable and useful wedding present.

Organizer avaIn the 21st century, the best wedding gift is something handmade or something personalized or something environmentally friendly. A lot of people choose to buy things made from natural materials these days. That’s why green wedding presents became so popular. And handmade wooden décor items, interior pieces, and table organizers are in the best-selling lists. We have a few very interesting and unique eco-friendly wedding gifts for sale right now.