cwg avaToday, weddings became smaller and homier because of Covid-19 restrictions. Couples all around the world try to show their affection to those few wedding guests they invite to the ceremony. So, wedding favors and bridesmaid gifts are becoming more popular. And what can be a better gift for a woman than jewelry or fashionable accessories? If you’re looking for a unique, good-looking, and useful bridesmaid gift or wedding favor, here’s a truly nice idea – handmade and hand-embroidered bracelets in casual style, which your guests will be able to wear in daily life long after the actual wedding. This wedding favor no one will throw away or leave at the table after the reception.

Felted cushion avaA lot of people have problems with choosing the best wedding gift for their family or friends. Sometimes you just wrack your brain for days but can’t make a decision! Well, we’d like to offer you a great idea – these charming felted cushions that look just like river stones can become the perfect wedding present for a modern family. They fit in almost any interior and are so cozy. And if the bride and groom are fond of natural, eco-friendly things, this is the best choice ever. These felted cushions look really unique and homey.