Palestine avaPalestinian weddings are typically cheerful, loud, plentiful, and last for several days in a row. This country has a rich and ancient culture, so it’s no wonder their wedding traditions are also old and respectful. From an engagement to a post-wedding family gathering – every aspect of a wedding is dictated by tradition and is wonderful to witness. If you’re going to a Palestinian wedding, be ready for mounds of food, loud ululating, folk dancing and singing, and elaborate henna tattoos.

Henna avaThe traditional wedding in Qatar originally lasts for several days and includes several different ceremonies and parties. Although today, many Qatari couples choose a more modern Western-style wedding, without so much pomp and hundreds of wedding guests invited. But some Qatari wedding traditions deserve remembering and honoring, and we’re glad to share them with you.

Henna avaThe traditional wedding in Saudi Arabia has its differences from the Western-style marriage ceremony. Some of these differences are small, while others might seem unreal to outsiders, but each and every one of them has a certain reason. For example, did you know that traditional Saudi wedding receptions are held separately for the groom’s and the bride’s side, two different parties? You’ll find out why later on. But stay assured, Saudi people love their weddings and have fun celebrating the love and bonding of two souls.

Mahleb avaThe wedding traditions around the world can be diverse and curious. And they always reflect the culture of a country, its historical and ethnic peculiarities. In the United Arab Emirates, there is an old wedding tradition that has almost vanished by now – applying a unique paste called “Mahleb” to the bride’s hair. But why did women do it and why this tradition is disappearing more and more each year? Let’s find out.

Lebanon avaYou won’t believe how unusual wedding traditions can be! Forget about our boring wedding bouquet throwing and carrying the bride over threshold. These funny and interesting wedding customs from Lebanon will blow your mind. For example, try to find a connection between marriage and pizza dough. Intrigued? Then continue reading.

Turkish avaThere are so many different wedding traditions around the world and we’ve already told you about many of them on this website, so it might be hard to surprise you further. But the Turkish people still have something up their sleeve – some of their wedding customs and rituals are really cute and adorable. And they might be very well worth your attention if you’re planning your own or your friend’s wedding. Why not experiment? Especially when a certain wedding tradition is rather neutral and suits just any culture.

Assyrian Lebanese wedding avaAmerica is a mix of nations, cultures, traditions, and tastes. For instance, in Texas, there is a young couple who’ve tied a knot recently. The groom is Assyrian and the bride is American-Lebanese. So, can you imagine this wedding? All three cultures combined and tangled to make a perfect wedding ceremony and wedding party for all the guests. Different wedding traditions were used by the bride and groom to honor their roots and to shape their future. Let’s learn more details.

Jewish avaA young Jewish newlywed couple is ready to share some secrets, rules, or even oddities of the traditional Jewish wedding. Some of their traditions are strange for a foreigner, but each custom and each part of the wedding ceremony is well-grounded by their religion and history. And now, let’s get to the “aw’s” and “oh’s”. Because this story is really romantic.

Jewish wedding avaThe Jewish wedding is a curious sight to behold. The wedding traditions of these people differ from the European or Asian bridal traditions. They are unique and can surprise somebody who watches the festivities for the first time. Though, the wedding outfits of a bride and groom are pretty much usual, with a touch of Jewish traditional accessories and peculiarities. For instance, do you know how a kosher wedding dress looks like?