Algeria avaA wedding in Algeria is one of the most spectacular events in the world. Nevertheless, for centuries, the traditional wedding ceremony was concealed from the eyes of foreigners and was sort of a sacred occasion. But today, we already know how the celebration is held, what wedding traditions does Algeria have, and what do locals wear, eat, and do during the Algerian folk wedding. This is a story about two different weddings, and they differ in region, social class, clothing, some of the rituals, etc. Though, in general, the ceremony is similar and shows the beauty of Algerian wedding tradition.

Algerian wedding avaAlgerian bride is literally covered with gold and gems: her dress and veil are embellished with gold embroidery; her neck, chest, and belly are covered with gold jewelry, pearls, and precious stones; and on top of that all, she is wrapped in a golden hand-woven silk veil that covers her face and body from evil eyes. It really is a magnificent view – the Algerian wedding ceremony. I guess, any bride would be happy to shine as brightly as these women.