New Zealand avaModern New Zealand couples follow Western-style rules and traditions when they get engaged and married. But in the past, there were specific engagement customs in New Zealand. And the main rule was to get the blessing and permission for the wedding from the tribal elders. Unless you were allowed to wed, there could be no marriage. What else engagement traditions can we find in New Zealand? Were there arranged marriages? And what unique engagement customs or rituals are in this country today?

Australian wedding avaAustralia is one of the most interesting and entrancing countries regarding wedding traditions. They’re a striking mix of aboriginal culture and diverse traditions of the Australian multicultural population. The unique history of this isolated continent created some very curious wedding traditions, customs, and rituals. And most of them deal with nature (earth, stones, smoke, etc) or are connected to ancient indigenous beliefs (family heirloom, authentic musical instruments, etc). The wedding traditions in Australia are truly unique.