Ugandan wedding avaWhat you should know about Ugandan weddings is that they’re loud and cheerful, full of strangers, there’s not much physical affection seen between the bride and groom, and that the couple’s families play a large role in the selection of a future spouse. From this post, you’ll also find out what the bride and groom and their guests wear to the wedding, what they eat at the reception, what unique and surprising wedding rituals are performed during and after the wedding, and so on.

Botswana avaSome wedding traditions in Botswana are rather rational and logical – the Western world could adopt a few of them as well. For example, Tswana boys and girls that approach adulthood are sent to a special school to study societal responsibility and family duties. What other Tswana wedding customs can be incorporated into our marriage ceremonies?

Somali wedding avaSomali weddings are big and plentiful, and even more so in the diaspora. A modern Somali wedding held in America or Europe may cost up to $500,000. And it’s understandable because it’s common for a wedding to last for 7 days – 7 days of celebrating, eating, drinking, dancing, singing, communicating, performing wedding rituals, etc. All this with chic and on a large scale. But except for huge wedding expenses, there are many other interesting things about Somali weddings.

Ghana wedding avaGhanaian weddings are often grand and opulent, especially thanks to extraordinary bridal attire that simply can’t be missed. But wedding outfits are not the only interesting and unique thing about weddings in Ghana. The local wedding rituals are also worth our attention – funny engagement negotiations, presenting the wedding gifts and dowry, fake brides ritual, and many more. Let’s take a closer look at Ghanaian wedding rituals below.

Zimbabwean wedding avaZimbabwean wedding culture is rather interesting. There are certain issues that are typical for Zimbabwe and some neighboring countries but seem odd for European, Asian, or American people. For example, Zimbabweans are allowed polygyny but not polyandry, which means that men can have multiple wives but women are forbidden to have multiple husbands. What other unusual wedding traditions and customs are there in Zimbabwe?

Nigerian wedding avaWeddings in Nigeria are large, cheerful, and ample. But all that we see at many different weddings around the world. So, let’s find out what Nigerian wedding traditions are truly special and differ from the wedding customs of other countries. Just as a teaser, Nigerian dowry is not what you’d think, brides and grooms pick clothing for some of their wedding guests, and there is a specific person who heckles and taunts the groom and groomsmen during a Nigerian wedding. Want more? You’ll find it below.

Moroccan sweets avaThe wedding meal is one of the most expected and desired by the guests parts of a wedding. And in many countries, the wedding reception is lavish and grand. Couples and their families show their generosity and wealth by making a real feast for their wedding guests that sometimes lasts for a few days in a row. Moroccan traditional culture is famous for its delicious food, so Moroccan wedding receptions are deliciously wonderful, with lots of sweets and tender & spicy meat dishes.

Tunisian lingerie avaBridal lingerie can be so different. Some underwear pieces are sexy, others are delicate and meant to represent purity and virginity, still others are intricate and complicated in design. Every bride is able to pick whatever she likes and feels comfortable in. Traditional and historical underpinnings are another matter entirely – their design and decorations should be certain, sometimes strictly set. The traditional Tunisian below-the-knee pantaloons probably wouldn’t be considered seductive or tempting by most modern European men. But for modest and conservative Tunisians, such bridal lingerie peeking from under the wedding attire was truly captivating.

Tunisian jebba avaIn Tunisia, many couples still choose to have a traditional wedding ceremony, with traditional wedding rituals and activities. It usually lasts up to a week and is a very cheerful, loud, and colorful event. A lot of rituals are centuries-old and occur in other countries of the Arab world as well. But the most impressive feature of a Tunisian wedding is that the bride is practically covered with gold jewelry – she wears so many gold jewels that you keep wondering how she manages to stand upright with such a weight.

Egypt bridal veil avaIt is said that modern Egypt still is the trendsetter of the Arab world regarding the culture, like its predecessor – Ancient Egypt – was for its neighbors. Among other areas, Egypt creates trends in the wedding business and wedding customs. Even the shape of a standard wedding ring comes from Ancient Egyptian culture. But what unique Egyptian wedding traditions are there? What laws and rituals should a couple from Egypt follow these days?