wedding cup3 avaDuring Swedish, Finnish, Sami weddings, special wedding rituals were traditionally performed – the bride and groom drank from a single vessel, usually wooden and rather ornate, to celebrate their union. This ritual is at least several centuries old. To prove that, we can find these wedding cups in various Scandinavian museums. Today, the newlyweds drink champagne from delicate glass flutes, in the past, people used intricately-carved wooden cups. Like the one we’d like to show you below.

bridal crown avaWe’ve already published posts about Swedish and Norwegian traditional bridal crowns. Most often, they were gold, silver, or gold-plated and very intricately made. But what if a woman couldn’t afford such an expensive ceremonial jewelry item? Did she just go down the aisle without a crown? You would be surprised about how inventive and skilled were Swedish brides and what materials they used to create wedding crowns for their bridal attire. Glass, thread, metal, birch root, and even straw. And such bridal crowns were almost as elaborate as gold ones.

Swedish gown avaHow did wedding dresses look like at the beginning of the 20th century in Sweden? Did they differ much from other European wedding gowns from the period? Were they similar to traditional Swedish wedding attire or totally modern? Here’s a small collection of wedding dresses from the early 1900s. They are preserved by the American Swedish Institute in the US. And looking at these 100-year-old bridal gowns, we can learn more about Swedish wedding fashion.