Sri Lankan men avaSri Lankan grooms, especially those of high status, dress magnificently for their wedding. They wear a so-called “Nilame Costume” that looks really extraordinarily. Originally, it was a royal traditional outfit, but today, anyone in Sri Lanka can wear it for a wedding. You don’t even have to custom-make one, just use rental Nilame Attire. Such clothes for the groom are unique and typical only for Sri Lanka. Often, you can see Nilame on the groom, his groomsmen, the ring boy, and some other significant members of the bridal party.

Sri Lanka avaSri Lankan weddings are usually big, bright, and pompous, with many guests and the blindingly ornate bride and groom’s outfits. Although, the type of wedding ceremony depends on the ethnic origin and religious beliefs of the couple. The most common and typical wedding traditions and rituals in Sri Lanka are Buddhist Sinhalese, so we’ll talk about the so-called Poruwa siritha or Poruwa ceremony in this post.