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Kit and Bilka avaThese guys aren’t romantic teenagers. They both are experienced warriors that have been fighting with Russia since 2014 and have multiple healed combat wounds to show it. They retired from active military service after medical discharge but came back at once when the Russian-Ukrainian war began in full swing in 2022. Kit and Bilka didn’t want to wait any more and got married right in the middle of the war zone. And now, they’re dreaming of victory, a small seaside vacation, finishing their house renovation, and adopting at least 2 kids (there are literary hundreds of orphaned children in Ukraine today).

Mariupol avaThis wedding story is probably one of the most heartbreaking love stories that I’ve heard in my life, and it’s not fiction but real life, it’s what happens right now in Ukraine, a brave country that is in the middle of a war with Russian Federation. Romance and love are present in Mariupol, a modern-day pit of hell on the Sea of Azov shore, maybe even more so because these people know the value of life. He made engagement rings for himself and his fiancee from foil, but these bands are precious for her. They were married for just 3 days, then he was killed and she is now in Russian captivity being tortured.

Jewish avaThis curious wedding story is about my very distant relatives – the parents of my great-uncle’s wife. I’ve recently learned about it and decided to share with you. My great-uncle’s wife was Jewish and from a rather rich family. But the most interesting thing is how they gained their fortune. The story involves adoption, extremely hard labor, unique Jewish marriage traditions, and, of course, an adorable love story.

Bondar avaThe love story of my great grandfather and great grandmother Bondar Dmytro and Melania was a real hush hush mystery for everybody until I started researching my ancestors. I knew that my maiden name was of Polish origin and decided to learn more about my family tree. In the process, I uncovered a number of monumental family secrets and found out that the American writer Deborah Stevens is my relative.

ostarbeiter avaIt was 1946… She returned home to Ukraine from Germany after World War II was over. Young ostarbeiter, almost 9 months pregnant, she had to leave her beloved husband-to-be in Germany and come home alone because she was desperately homesick and missed her family. Who knew that what was meant to be a nightmare of forced labor miles away from homeland would turn into a decent job and would bring this couple together. But life is funny that way – the worst circumstances sometimes lead to the best outcome.