wedding avaMost Romanians are very religious people, so many couples have traditional church wedding ceremonies, with all the must-have wedding rituals. We’ve gathered for you the top-10 true facts about Romanian religious marriage ceremonies. As always, the godparents play a significant role in the ceremony – they’re the second most important people at any wedding in Romania. But what else should you know about a Romanian church wedding?

Bridal party avaAt a Romanian wedding, the second most important couple aren’t the parents of the bride and groom but the godparents chosen by the marrying couple themselves. These married man and woman have plenty of responsibilities and participate in a number of wedding rituals. But they’re not the only ones with significant duties on the day of the wedding. The bridal party members help the bride and groom a lot and their support is important. But how do these people divide the responsibilities? Who does what at the wedding?

Crying avaLearning about different wedding superstitions around the world is fun. The superstitions tell us a lot about the culture of a certain country. For example, Romanians are happy to find a spider in the creases of a wedding dress because it’s for good luck – who else would be pleased with such a find?! And to see another bride on your wedding day is bad luck. There are many other interesting and surprising wedding superstitions in Romania.