Indonesian wedding avaIndonesia is one of those countries with the most elaborate, costly, and beautiful wedding clothing. Besides, the variety of styles of traditional wedding attire is truly impressive. Every region has its own traditional wedding costumes of the bride and groom and, sometimes, they differ so much! But the general look and main features are common, so you don’t doubt this folk wedding attire is from Indonesia, just can’t always say from what area. Here you are just a few Indonesian traditional wedding outfits in all their glory, with lovely adornments, gold embroidery, intricate headdresses, and massive jewelry.

Bali avaBalinese wedding attire looks very beautiful, ornate, and regal, especially the costume of the royalty and wealthy couples. And the most eye-catching part of the bride’s outfit is the headdress in the shape of a huge and intricately made crown. It seems like you could stand for hours near the bride and survey this gorgeous headpiece because it has so many tiny details. Come on, let’s take a closer look at the wedding headdress used by blushing brides in Bali.

Indonesia wedding avaIndonesia has some very curious and unique wedding traditions. Indonesian brides are expected to show off at their wedding, so their parents often spend a fortune to prepare for the event. The gold jewelry and bridal headpieces worn by the local brides are usually passed down through several generations. Maybe some of the wedding traditions you’ll read about below appeared because Indonesia is a rather poor country, so they try to organize grand weddings for their children to make them feel rich and famed at least this one time in their life.

Balinese wed avaBali island in Indonesia is a really special place, with its centuries-old traditions and flamboyant rituals. And the local wedding customs are as original as the culture of Bali. Today, we’ll talk about a royal wedding that took place in Bali several years ago between the half Balinese, half Australian prince Tjok Gus and popular Indonesian TV star Happy Salma. Also, we’ll tell you more about Balinese royal wedding traditions, adorable love stories in the royal family, and a bit strange local wedding rituals.