Momsdress avaWe’d like to offer you an interesting idea for your wedding. Why don’t you remake and use your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress for your own big day. Here you are 10 examples of women who did so and looked amazing on their wedding day. Gowns from 1980s, 1950s, and even 1890s! You could not only save some money by using a vintage dress instead of buying a new one, but also impress all of your guests with the family history of your garment.

Some brides take months and even years planning for their wedding. Choosing the perfect dress is usually the first order of business. And with so many styles available to choose from, making a decision isn’t always so easy. But some brides were lucky enough to already have their wedding gowns waiting for them before they were even born. When their special day rolled around, they showed up to their wedding ceremony wearing their mom’s old wedding dresses. And they all looked absolutely amazing!

Today, we’ll be sharing photos of 10 women who wore their mom’s wedding dresses decades later. Just wait until you see the dress that has been passed down from three generations!


Vintage heirloom

If your mom got married many years ago, you probably think her wedding dress is now out of style. It’s true. Wedding gown styles do change throughout the years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still wear your mom’s vintage dress on your big day.

This bride found the perfect solution to this exact same problem. She really wanted to do something special on her wedding day by wearing her mom’s throwback gown, but the style was a bit dated. Instead of forgetting about the idea entirely, she decided to have her mom’s old wedding gown completely revamped.




When her mom wore it 40 years ago, it had long satin sleeves. This bride had the sleeves removed, and that one alteration really improved its overall appearance. It looks so much more modern, sophisticated, and elegant. We’re sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the room when she took her walk down the aisle in her vintage heirloom.



This photo was taken 50 years ago on a beautiful bride’s wedding day. She looked absolutely stunning in her white gown, matching white gloves, and veil that looked like it was made for a queen. It was so beautiful. It definitely deserved to be worn more than once.




50 years after she wore this gown on her big day, her daughter wore the exact same one. But it looked a lot different the second time around. To give it a modern update, the entire bodice was reconstructed. The sleeves and collar were removed to turn it into a strapless gown. This allowed the new bride to show off her arms, her shoulders, and the gorgeous neckline. The dress fits the bride perfectly and doesn’t even look like a 50-year-old gown.


Three generations

We’ve told you about a couple of brides who wore their mom’s gown decades later, but this bride decided to kick things up a notch. On her wedding day, she wore a dress that has been originally worn by her grandmother. It has been passed down to her mom, and then finally to her. It had been around for three entire generations, and each woman more the stunning lace dress on their wedding day.




Julia’s grandmother purchased the gown back in 1953, and she wore it with a hoop skirt underneath it to give it more poof and volume. And then, 33 years later, Julia’s mom wore it. She had it altered a bit to reflect her own personal style. She added a bit of lace to the jacket, and she removed the hoop skirt to give it some length.

When it came time for Julia to wear the same gown, she went to work and reconstructed it once again. She had the sleeves removed to make it look a bit more trendy. And then, she had the neckline reconstructed into a V-shape. It’s amazing to see how much this one single dress has changed throughout the decades.


A beautiful creation

Many women like to hold on to their wedding dresses after they say “I do”. It’s not that they ever think they’re going to wear it again. They just want to hold on tight to the special memory of a very important day in their lives. But some women actually keep their dress and intend on giving it to their daughters one day.




This woman picked out a stunning gown for her wedding day. It was a white satin and lace dress with big, puffy sleeves. It has a matching veil, and a train on the end to make sure she made an epic grand entrance. Decades later, it was time for her daughter to get married. Instead of going out and buying her own, the daughter decided to pay homage to her mom by wearing her old gown.

But like many of the women on our list, this new bride made some changes to the original design to better suit her style. Puffy sleeves may have been trendy in the 70s and 80s, but this bride decided she wanted to go with a more sleek and chic silhouette. The first thing to go was the extra fabric sticking out from the shoulders. Then, a cutout was made in the sleeves to show off her shoulders. The hem was shortened and this new bride decided she could do without the big and elaborate train.


Like mother, like daughter

Back in 1962, this woman wore an organza dress with lace details on her wedding day. The gown looked like something out of a fairy-tale. It had many tiers of luxurious fabric, and it poofed out at the waist to give a dramatic and elegant silhouette. The woman also wore a crystal crown on her head because all women deserve to feel like a princess on their wedding day.




Decades later, her daughter was set to walk down the aisle, and she decided there was no better dress than her mom’s old wedding gown. But she didn’t just wear it as it was, she decided to tweak it just a bit so that it could fit her frame. Even though she was only 5’1’’, she had her heart set on wearing the elaborate gown. She had many of the layers of fabric removed so that it wouldn’t look so overwhelming on her.

She also wanted to find a way to incorporate her mom’s crystal crown into her outfit. The daughter decided to use the crown as a holder for her flower bouquet instead. This bride’s touching tribute to her mom is something she’ll never forget.


A touching tribute

Back in 1953, this woman was engaged and ready to get married. All that was missing was the perfect dress. She finally found the gown of her dreams. It was made with Chantilly lace, satin, pearls, and it had a gorgeous illusion neckline. After her wedding and honeymoon, she carefully wrapped it up and stored it away.




Decades later, the woman’s daughter was engaged to be married, and she decided she wanted to wear the same dress. Over the years, the white lace had discolored and turned into a shade of ivory, but it still looked as beautiful as ever.

And then, decades later, the woman’s granddaughter was set to walk down the aisle. She also wore the same dress that had been passed down from three generations. With some help from a seamstress, she made a few alterations. But the overall style of the vintage gown stayed the same.
It now has an emotional tie to the entire family. It means a lot for each woman to be able to pass it down to the next blushing bride in their family.


Third time’s a charm

Kacie always admired her grandmother’s old wedding dress. As she got older, she dreamed of wearing the exact same one. It was made of French lace and satin, and it had a long satin train attached at the back. But another reason why she really loved the gown was because not only was it worn by her grandmother, but it was worn by her mother, too. In Kacie’s eyes the gown symbolized everything she thought marriage should be about. She wanted to be able to carry on the legacy of love that her grandparents and parents had shown her. It meant everything to her to have the most important women in her life watch her get married in the exact same dress.


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When it was initially purchased back in 1954, her grandmother bought it for $100. Then, in 1986, Kacie’s mother wore it on her wedding. Some of the lace had been damaged throughout the years, but other than that, it still looked brand new. In 2013, Kacie wore the gown after a seamstress made some alterations to the bodice. The lace had turned into an off-white color, but Kacie didn’t mind. She loved that the fabric had an antique look to it.


Hidden in the attic

Erica decided that she didn’t want a long engagement after her fiance proposed to her. So after saying “Yes” to his proposal, they decided to get married just three months later. Her friends and family wondered how she would be able to find a wedding dress on such short notice. And that’s when Erica got the great idea to wear her mom’s old gown.




Her mom had passed away, and Erica thought that wearing her old dress would be the perfect way to incorporate her mom into her wedding day. She and her sister searched for it for weeks at their father’s home, and they finally found it hidden in the attic. It was still in decent shape, and it fit her like a glove. She then headed off to see a seamstress. She had some of the ivory beads replaced, and she lowered the neckline a bit.

Even though it was originally made in 1973, it looked almost brand new by the time Erica’s seamstress was done with the alterations. Erica felt grateful and beautiful on her wedding day, and she said she could feel her mom watching over her the entire night. When it came time to take photos, Erica even did her best to recreate her mom’s pose from her wedding day.


The perfect rehearsal dress

Sharon said the first time she saw her mom’s old wedding dress, she thought it looked dreadful. It had been stored away since 1981, and the lace had turned from white to yellow. She also said it had a pretty nasty smell to it. She wasn’t a fan of the 80s style either. It has a high neckline, low sleeves, and a very long train. But since it was her mom’s dress, Sharon couldn’t help but love it. She tried to find a way she could use it on her own wedding day.




She soaked it in some fabric cleaner to restore it to its original white shade. Then, she had a professional rework it while still keeping the original details intact. First, she had the sleeves and the bottom of the skirt cut off. Then, she had the neckline sculpted a bit. The finished product was absolutely amazing. Revamping her mom’s old vintage dress cost less than what she would’ve paid to buy something brand new. She wore it during her rehearsal dinner and carried around a photo from her mom’s wedding day in her purse. She showed everyone in attendance the “before” and “after” pictures of her mom’s old dress and its new, trendy style. People couldn’t believe it was the same gown.


A 120-year-old tradition

When she was a little girl, Abigail would practice playing the piano in her family’s home. She would look up at all the old photos hanging up on the wall. And she loved how there were pictures of 10 different brides wearing the exact same wedding dress. It was part of her family’s tradition that dated back 120 years. Her great-great-grandmother first wore it back in 1895, and once Abigail got engaged, she knew she had to wear it, too. She and her mother tried desperately to track it down, and they eventually found it at their great aunt’s house in Vermont.




When Abigail first saw the dress, she was a bit disappointed because the fabric had turned brown. But when she put it on, she could feel the magic. In the past 120 years, it had only been dry cleaned once. But when Abigail took ahold of it, she knew it needed more than just a cleaning. She enlisted the help of a vintage restoration company. They spent 200 hours to make it look amazing. When her wedding day arrived, Abigail put on the vintage piece, and she said she felt like Cinderella.


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