Rustic-style boutonnieres look delicious and unique. But our advice is to use fresh flowers instead of dried ones in a boutonniere. Simply because your dried boutonniere can fall apart when you hug people – and we do that a lot at a wedding. To add the rustic vibe to your boutonniere, concentrate on the fabric or ribbon that keeps the construction together. You can use burlap combined with lace for a modern rustic look, different canvas, ribbons, jute rope and other natural cords, etc.

In Colombia, it’s traditional to invite a godfather and godmother to be among the most important and honorable people at a wedding. Very often, there are no bridesmaids, groomsmen, maids of honor, and best men. Only a godfather and godmother who help the couple, give them advice, and support them.

If a bachelorette party is small, only for a few closest friends, you can offer the bride to have small matching tattoos (or slightly different tattoos in a matching style) done to remember this day forever. It can be just a tiny symbol, initials, or something like that. Such things help you feel the closeness, the unity with your friends. But, of course, everyone has to be ok with having a tattoo, because some people are against it or afraid of doing it – never force or talk people into having a tattoo, or they might regret it later.

Sometimes creative wedding dessert table décor totally makes your day. Who would think big and rough wood slices can look so wonderfully together with delicate cupcakes?! Throw in some lush greenery and field flowers, and you’ll get a wonderful wedding dessert table.

Until now, few brides were bold and brave enough to use hot pink as their wedding color, but this will change in 2023. Such colors as hot pink and peachy pink are combined with black and white to create a curious and fresh wedding color palette. But you have to fully dive into this trend, no semitones are allowed)). Use more of peachy pink and add just a hint of hot pink for the accent.

Croatian weddings are plentiful. Food keeps coming for hours, course after course. Even late at night. The last course is often served somewhere near 4:00 AM. And it’s not just a salad or a fruit bowl, the dishes are nourishing and heavy. For example, Croatian traditional goulash. So, if you’re on a diet, don’t go to a Croatian wedding)), but for gourmets and people who love a good meal, this is just the right place.

Picking the right size of a wedding gown is extremely important. If you’re not absolutely sure about your size or are in between sizes, which is very common, the best advice is to order a dress in a bigger size than a smaller. To take in a few extra inches is much easier than to let out. You’ll be able to make these small alterations quickly and without any problems. But if your wedding dress is too small, it can be a real headache to adjust it.

Traditionally at many weddings, the bride and groom at the altar stand with their backs to the guests, while the officiant faces the audience. But recently, this classic position is being rethought. In the end, your guests came to witness your wedding ceremony and want to see your emotions and your expressions, not the officiant’s. So, couples began to switch places with their wedding officiant.

This is a lovely trend. These days, some wedding designers started to incorporate splashes of color to their wedding dresses, not just white or cream gowns. In some cases, there are colorful prints or, for instance, embroideries that add a little bit of color to a plain white dress. Or it can be a brightly-colored bow, ribbon, belt, lace, etc. Usually, the dress itself is classic, light-colored and there are some vivid decorations that add a splash of color to the wedding look. In 2023, color means a lot.

Small wedding signs that are placed on the tables and reception desk look charming. You can make a set of matching signs or use different ones, both options are fine. You don’t have to order all your wedding signs in the same design. Some can be easily bought or borrowed from another wedding, so they’ll look different. Like in this photo.

Live music becomes more popular as an instrument to create a certain mood before and during the proposal. You can hire a pianist, harpist, violinist, or a whole small band that will play “your song” live. This is a truly memorable experience. And the price tag will be lower than to hire, for example, a drone for musical accompaniment.