Of course, you can. Some brides wear the same dress their mothers wore or even a mother and a grandmother – heirloom wedding gowns can be lovely and meaningful. You can use modern accessories to make old bridal gown look more up to date. Or another option is to make slight changes to the dress without re-sewing it completely. For example, a common improvement is to change the sleeves and neckline to give the gown a more contemporary look. Using your mom’s wedding dress can save you a lot of money.

Strapless wedding dress screams for a necklace, and you can use rather large statement jewelry with it. Unlike many other dress styles. With a strapless gown, you have a large area open and your jewelry choice is wide – from tiny delicate pendants to chokers to massive necklaces, etc. Also, you can go without any wedding jewelry at all, but make sure your neck and shoulders look perfect (moisturize the skin, use sun tan if you want) because everyone’s attention will be on this part of your body. It might be more comfortable for you to let them concentrate on jewelry.

This is a very important issue, so don’t delay this task for too long. You need to create your wedding day timeline, write every little detail down, and this schedule needs to be ready by the time your wedding is 1 month away. Every step of the wedding ceremony and reception, every wedding activity – all these things should be planned and scheduled. The wedding day timeline will help you plenty on the day of your wedding.

There is a belief in India that if a woman is born to a Mars bearing astrological sign, she is cursed and her husband will die young. To break such a curse, women perform a wedding ritual with a banana tree. Right after it, the tree is cut and the curse is considered broken. After that, the woman can marry an actual man and live a long life together.

Birdcage bridal veils are not for everybody, this is a unique style. But they look charming on brides and give a retro look to the appearance. If you don’t want to hide your face, only to give it a coquettish vibe, this style of wedding veil might be for you. Also, such a wedding veil is small and doesn’t restrict movements of the bride or get in the way. If you like it and the birdcage veil looks good on you, go for it.

If you’ve been invited to be someone’s groomsman, pick your attire carefully. Many men think, why would I spend more than $100 for a tux I’ll wear just once. But cheap rental clothing not only might look awful but, most probably, will feel awful as well. Cheap fabrics are hot, itchy, not very comfortable to spend the whole day in, and look bad in the photos. And rental clothing is often too big or too small, the sleeves aren’t of the right length, etc. So, it’s totally ok to wear a rental groomsman attire, but it should be of better quality.

The right lighting is everything for wedding photos, so listen to your photographer’s advice as to when your wedding photos should be made. If they say, we must catch the sunset, then build your wedding timeline around this point – people can wait, the sun never waits. Wedding photographs where the weather conditions are used to the fullest are among the best and most beautiful wedding pics – the sun, snow, rain, etc. And also, natural lighting is practically always better than the light bulbs.

A Mantilla bridal veil is one of the most ornate and attractive veils for a bride. It is originally a Spanish traditional veil, made from fine lace. This type of wedding veils usually has very decorative edges. And it looks wonderful on any bride, highlighting her features and adding a fancy touch.

This flower is among the most typical and popular wedding florals used for wedding bouquets, wedding décor, wedding table centerpieces, bridesmaids’ bouquets, etc. Calla lilies look sophisticated, catchy, elegant, and charming. They can be not only pure white but also pink, purple, orange, lavender, dark maroon. But remember that calla lilies are fragile, so they have to be really fresh (delivered no more than 2-3 days before the wedding).

This tender exotic flower is really popular for weddings. Orchids look elegant, sophisticated, and attractive. They come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, so any bride, even the most capricious, will be satisfied. Orchids can be often seen in bridal bouquets, groom’s boutonnieres and buttonholes, bridesmaid bouquets, wedding table centerpieces, wedding décor installations – anywhere you can think of. This flower has a long flexible stem, so it’s easy to work with it.

Usually, weddings used to last longer, some people like to party until morning, so couples just made their grand exit and left the guests to celebrate. But recently, more and more weddings have been ending at midnight. Experience says, most of the guests are ready to go home at midnight or soon after that. And this pandemic taught a lot of people to value their home and family, so they are becoming homebirds. That’s why this trend arose and is becoming popular.