If you’re planning an outdoor wedding and the landscape will be gorgeous, don’t try too hard to create a grand wedding arch – it won’t be necessary. Choose a simpler one instead. Like this wedding arch that is interesting because it’s roughly made but draped with very delicate sheer fabric. The materials don’t clash, they fit together somehow. And the main thing in this photo is the landscape, so the wedding guests shouldn’t pay too much attention to the wedding arch.

We highly recommend you to avoid inviting friendors (friends that serve as wedding vendors) instead of hiring a professional wedding photographer. Sure, friendors can help you save some money, but they rarely work as thoroughly as a person you hire specifically for this job. Often, friendors can’t compare with a pro, and they tend to take their responsibilities not very seriously because you’re not paying them or paying less. Yes, a pro wedding photographer will cost you another couple of thousand dollars, but it is worth it. You will keep these photos for years, make sure they’re high-quality and really good.

A ponytail is a not so obvious choice for a bridal hairdo, but if you like this hairstyle and it looks good on you, go for it. Some brides who’ve chosen a minimalist wedding style for their big day wear the easiest ponytail with a delicate simple ribbon and look perfect. Or you can choose an intricate ponytail with cool hair accessories.

Let the bride enjoy her day without distractions. It also applies to some grooms but not always – some men are totally fine with communicating with their friends in the process of getting ready for the wedding, but that’s because they don’t have as many little details in the wedding look to remember as their brides. Many brides don’t even have a phone with them because they have enough issues to think about and stress about. If you have any questions regarding the wedding day, call or text someone else – the maid of honor, bridesmaids, parents of the bride or groom, siblings, anybody, except for the bride herself.

Never choose your future wedding photographer by just a few photos. Every photographer has at least several good pics in their portfolio – you have to see the whole wedding gallery of a certain couple to make sure there are many high-quality photos there. If you judge a photographer by 3-5 good shots from a 10-hour-long wedding, you won’t see the whole picture. A full wedding gallery will show you how many good photos this particular artist can take, how many creative ideas he or she has, how the photographer can set the poses for the bride and groom, etc.

Wedding cake décor can be so different, you’re free to choose whatever you like. For example, fresh or candied roses in your wedding color are always a lovely décor idea for your wedding cake. With roses, you have a wide variety of color options, which is great.

Before the wedding, create a general checklist of all your DIY things with detailed info. This will help you check if all of the stuff is ready, packed, and arranged correctly. Have this checklist in your phone and send it to those people responsible for your DIY wedding items so that they know what there is and how it is arranged. Ideally, show everything included to the person who will work with your DIY stuff at the wedding and talk all the details through in advance.

Hydrangea flowers look wonderful as the wedding florals, no matter where you put them. They are used at the most fancy and high-class weddings. But this flower is also affordable for ordinary couples, even with a small wedding budget, because hydrangeas are available all year round. They come in a variety of colors and shades, so you can easily pick just the right color for your event. Don’t deny this flower to be your companion as the wedding, it’s beautiful.

A wedding photographer must be educated and experienced in different genres of photography – portraits, landscapes, group photos, still life, and so on. This is much harder than when you specialize in just one area.

It’s fine if your wedding arch isn’t thick and pompous. Sometimes, a delicate construction adds the airy and beach effect. Only you decide what kind of a wedding arch you prefer.

Fitting earrings can be the perfect wedding jewelry. In some cases, large statement earrings are all that is needed to top up the wedding look. A nice hairdo and catchy earrings. But don’t overplay with your jewels – there should be 1 or 2 statement pieces or several less eye-catching jewelry items. And earrings are those pieces that are noticed at once, so pick them carefully.