During the wedding ceremony, don’t get up and take pics with your smartphone or camera. Let the hired wedding photographer do his or her job. Your getting up and walking in front of their pro camera will only ruin the photos. Believe us, your phone camera won’t take as high-quality pics as the equipment of a pro wedding photographer. Of course, you can snap the wedding and the couple (unless they ask the guests not to) but make it sort of sneak and quiet, don’t be in the way of the hired photographer.

In Qatar, after the first wedding night, the groom offers his wife a number of costly presents – jewelry, décor items, perfumes, cars, money, etc. The husband leaves his wife with all these goods to unwrap and enjoy and goes to the traditional breakfast and prayer with his father, where the father asks him if everything went well with his new wife.

Some brides feel alone and overstressed by the amount of work they need to do during their wedding prep, especially when their grooms don’t help much. But maybe your fiance isn’t deeply involved in the wedding planning but he helps you with various chores at home – dog walking, house cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, and so on. You should realize that it all counts as help because you get more free time to do whatever you need for the wedding prep. But if such a scheme doesn’t work for you, talk to your honey about it, don’t be afraid to verbalize your complaints, just do it without accusations, screaming, and crying.

Light and very open heeled sandals are great for a summer wedding. But, of course, not at the beach. Also, make sure to get used to them before the wedding day so that you don’t need any band-aids that ruin the look. Such bridal footwear allows you to show off fancy pedicure.

Peonies are a perfect and extremely popular choice for a spring wedding. They look gorgeous – large, lush, and full of tender petals. These florals are great for wedding bouquets, table centerpieces, and outdoor wedding décor. For years, brides have been choosing peonies for their weddings and this trend will go on in 2022. These are seasonal flowers and rather affordable in late spring; you can get them out of season as well, but it will cost you more.

Most wedding venues have a minimal guest count they work with or a minimal price tag, which means that you can invite just a few dozen of people but the event will be fancier – and that’s not what couples who choose to have a small wedding are looking for. If your wedding is going to be very small and budget-friendly, don’t search for a venue among fancy locations with big names. Be inventive and think about alternative options, like a B&B wedding, farm wedding, wedding in a botanical garden, wedding in a boutique hotel, etc. Also, you might be able to book an ordinary venue for your small wedding if it’s a low season or weekday.

The majority of brides wear white wedding shoes. But your bridal footwear doesn’t have to be white or cream. You can go for black, red, brown, pink, or any other color if it suits the rest of your outfit. Be brave with your shoes choice and they can become a wonderful accent for your wedding attire.

When your wedding is held outdoors, most of the wedding décor you need is already there. The landscape is your décor. Use it to your advantage and try not to overload the environment with adornments. Who wants to see a huge balloon wedding arch and tons of flowers when there are wonderful mountains or ancient trees in the background?! Besides, you can save a lot on the wedding décor if you use the location advantages instead. Just add some cute little details to highlight the beauty of nature.

In Ethiopia, during the consummation, there has to be blood. The bride has to be a virgin. Many arranged marriages are held in this country and the groom pays a large dowry to the bride and her family. If on the first wedding night, there is no blood on the sheet, the groom can return the bride to her parents and get a refund of dowry.

When you’re having a destination wedding, consider how much stuff you’ll be able to bring with you. Your wedding attire should be more practical – a puffy ball gown is not the best choice to put into your suitcase for a plane trip. And DIY items are also something that you’d better skip. In short, take with you only a minimum of wedding stuff because you need to put plenty of other necessary things in your suitcase as well. Such items as wedding signs and cards, printed programs, and so on can be either rented at your wedding location or skipped – you can’t bring them miles from your hometown. Or make them as simple as you can – printed A4 sheets are considerably easier to ship than huge posters, etc.

Many couples want to have a unique groom’s boutonniere or buttonhole. Here’s a great idea for you – pin your boutonniere upside down. But, of course, the flowers and other items in the boutonniere have to look pretty and fit upside down.