A cathedral veil has one peculiarity – it is long, a bit heavier than a short one would be, and often get hooked on furniture, other people’s clothing, tree branches, etc. So you need to reliably attach it to the hair. Otherwise, you might loose it while walking down the aisle or on your way to the ceremony. Use tiny snap combs, bobby pins, or various other hair accessories. It won’t really be a problem to find the items you’ll like and consider comfy.

Yes, it’s possible. Though, the process of getting coverage will be more complicated, as you’re working with two different companies. On the other hand, having two different policies has its advantages. For instance, some insurance companies these days have suspended cancellation coverage, so you can purchase the coverage and cancellation policies from two different companies and choose the best option.

A posy wedding bouquet is very popular lately. It’s a small, handy, and simple flower composition. It consists of florals and some greenery gathered in a neat bunch and tied with a ribbon. The stems are left bare, without any holder or vase. This style of bridal bouquet will be the perfect choice for brides who like minimalism.

A proposal ring is a band you give to your honey when you’re popping the question. Some people think that a proposal ring and an engagement ring are the same, but there’s a slight difference. The proposal ring will not necessarily be the engagement ring. Sometimes it is, but in other situations, the groom-to-be might buy another, more costly band for his fiancee to use as an engagement band. Generally, practically any ring can serve as a proposal band, even a toy ring.

In America, most people wear their wedding band on the “ring finger” of their left hand. In Europe, the tradition dictates that couples put their wedding ring on their right hand ring finger. Now you know where to look!

This type of bridal bouquet might look a bit inconvenient to hold, but it has a romantic and chic vibe to it. A presentation wedding bouquet, also called arm sheath wedding bouquet, is composed of flowers with long stems, like roses, calla lilies, delphiniums, etc. The bride has to cradle such a bouquet in her arm like a baby. The main advantage of this style of wedding bouquet is that it always stays a bit to the side, so the bride’s gown can be the center of attention and not the bouquet, which is rather important for wedding photos.

Korean weddings are usually held at wedding halls – these are the most affordable and common venues for wedding ceremonies is Korea. Church weddings or hotel weddings are much rarer. But wedding halls are typically so packed with people, it’s hard to relax and feel cozy. Mostly, 2-3 weddings are held at such venues at the same time, so Korean weddings are loud, cheerful, and full of strangers who were invited by another couple but wander around. Everybody is celebrating, laughing, congratulating each other, eating, and drinking. At the same time, Korean wedding ceremonies are short – 30 minutes max.

That’s totally a myth. It’s your wedding and you can organize it the way you like. Most people try to invite an equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen from the bride’s side as from the groom’s side. But what if one of you has more friends? Or if simply more friends from one side can attend the wedding? Relax! The number of people standing by you at the altar doesn’t have to be equal. No one will think bad of you if you invite fewer friends than your loved one. And wedding photos won’t be ruined if the numbers differ. Every wedding is unique and you may choose as many friends as you want for your wedding party.

Traditionally, young Native Americans who were looking for a husband or wife took part in special ceremonial parties – they gathered in one place, danced, communicated, and chose their partner for life. At the end of the day, when all the girls went to a lodge for the night, the boys who fell for someone came to this lodge with a candle. He would light a candle and shine a light in this girl’s face to wake her up. If she also liked him and was happy to see his face lit by the candle, she would blow out the light, and the next day, the couple began their wedding prep. If she didn’t blow out the candle, he left disappointed and tried to win her affection the next day.

If you have limited time for your wedding planning, never go back to the tasks you’ve already solved. You most definitely will come up with new ideas and try to re-arrange everything. Don’t do that. If some aspect of the planning is set, relax and move to the next assignment. You have enough to think about without stressing over the things that are already decided.

It is a meeting of the couple about to get married before the actual wedding ceremony starts. The wedding first look is meant to give the bride and groom a few moments alone before they are surrounded by dozens of wedding guests, relatives, friends, wedding venue staff, and vendors. They can share their feelings and emotions, be there for each other, ease the nervousness, and, by the way, see each other fully dressed for the wedding for the first time. The wedding first look takes place at the wedding venue where the ceremony will be held (church, wedding hall, outdoor locations, etc). You can have your wedding first look or skip it – both options are fine.