There is a new trend in bridal gown designs in 2021. This year, wedding dresses will get a lovely fashionable accessory – sheer or lace shoulder wraps worn with strapless wedding dresses. This accessory looks marvelous, delicate, and truly stylish. It covers the decolletage a bit and adds the illusion of vulnerability to the bride.

Swedish brides used various materials for their wedding crowns worn on the wedding day – costly gold and silver or cheap glass, thread, metal, birch root, and even straw. And even cheap bridal crowns were so skillfully created that brides were proud to wear them on their big day.

In most developed countries, wedding vendors pay taxes, and so, they usually ask for card payments. If your vendor accepts cash payments only, that is a bit suspicious – what if they don’t have a license? Of course, some vendors work unofficially and it’s fine, but in case they decide to bolt with your money instead of providing promised services, no one is going to protect you unless you prove paying them. So, if you still decide to pay with cash, always get receipts.

When you’re hiring a wedding videographer, you need to determine what kind of service you need. They provide different options, the most popular and well-known of them are a wedding highlight film and a wedding feature film. What is the difference?

This wedding tradition is from the early 1900s. Exactly one month before the wedding, the bride and groom needed to go to their wedding venue, dig a hole, and bury a bottle of bourbon there. It was supposed to ensure that there wouldn’t be any rain on their wedding day. And once the ceremony was over, they were supposed to unbury the bourbon and drink it with their guests. A strange tradition, but why not?

When you’re having a wedding, it’s important to give the guests some activities so that they didn’t feel bored and unimportant. Weddings can seem too long-lasting when there is too little action. So, how can you entertain people? Hire a professional DJ who will involve people in activities, play nice music, and act as an audio man. Also, you can organize fun locations, like photo booths or zones, tables with snacks, interactive food displays, masterclasses, quests and game zones, etc. It depends on the audience what activities to prepare, but it’s much comfier for people to spend the day if they can get engaged in some kind of activity.

Edo people in Nigeria create intricate hairstyles for their brides. It takes several hours to make this hairdo. The hair is braided specifically and adorned with lovely hair decorations made from coral beads. The finished construction is elaborate and heavy, it looks wonderful and so bright.

Before booking any vendor, search the internet to see what reviews they have. Of course, you have to do it smartly. If there are 1-2 bad reviews and a bunch of good ones, it’s fine. But too many bad comments and reviews should alert you. If a person or company has a bad reputation, don’t expect them to suddenly become the best partner ever. Also, if you see bad reviews but still like a particular vendor, you can ask them about it – maybe they’ll give you a plausible explanation.

If your wedding budget is small but you still need help with wedding planning, you can save money and pay only for consulting. A professional wedding planner or a small firm will give you advice and informational support. Of course, you’ll have to do everything by yourself, but such a wedding planning service will cost you a lot less than a full package.

Many wedding planners have a list of vendors they usually work with. Often, they have discounts or can get a good offer. So, if you’re thinking about hiring a wedding planner, ask them about a possibility to get lower price from wedding vendors. Always use your planner’s connections to your benefit.

A century ago, the phrase “something borrowed” meant one thing – another woman's undergarment. According to English folklore, the “something borrowed” part was meant to enhance the bride's fertility, meaning she would put on the underwear belonging to another woman, who already had been pregnant, in order to increase her likelihood of childbearing. Strange but a fact! Luckily, modern brides don’t do that anymore.