The basic wedding insurance policy usually costs somewhere around $100-500 (even premium options start from $175 and go up to $1,000). The coverage may go up to $200,000 or even to $1,000,000, depending on the contract, the cost of your policy, particular mishap, and other issues.

Because of the pandemic, huge weddings with hundreds of guests are near impossible these days, so a lot of potential wedding guests won’t be able to be present at weddings. That’s why, in 2021, there will be more long and thematic wedding photoshoots, people will spend more money and time on their wedding photos – with smaller weddings, they will simply have more time and money on it. Couples will need a lot of high-quality and professionally-made photos to show everybody who couldn’t attend the event. More and more people will hire wedding photographers and videographers in 2021 to catch their happy day on cameras.

Choose a DJ with experience in working events, working weddings, doing the shows, etc. Obviously, it can be too hard for a newbie to work a grand wedding for the first time. So, choose a professional. Because a good DJ can save the day when something goes wrong. And in general, your DJ is the host at the event, an audio man – he’s not just playing music, he’s making announcements, entertains the guests, etc. Good DJs are expensive but that’s because it’s a hard and responsible job.

This sweet wedding ritual might seem a little weird to some people, but many Americans love it. It’s cute and unusual. During this wedding unity ceremony, the bride and groom each make half of the sandwich (one of them puts peanut butter on a slice of bread and the other one does the same with fruit jelly). After that, they combine these halves to make a perfect delicious treat and eat it. Such a ritual can be fun and bring the couple joy from eating something delicious.

This trick works great with wedding décor (flowers, candles, balloons, etc). Try to buy these things in bulk – it will be much more beneficial and you’ll save money. So, choose 2-3 denominations and order them in bulk rather than many various items in small amounts. In addition, too many different décor pieces sometimes look cheaper and tackier than just a few chic items.

This is a comparatively new and useful trend that helps make a wedding more environmentally-friendly. You can make or order organic confetti to throw at the bride and groom from natural leaves or flower petals. Some wedding venues today don’t allow artificial confetti because this creates a ton of trash that is hard to clean afterwards, decomposes very slowly, and pollutes our planet a lot. Instead, there appeared a trend to make confetti from fallen or green leaves and from flower petals. Also, whole flower petals can be used as confetti. Such throwing material looks much better than artificial confetti. And these tiny décor items decompose quickly and naturally.

In the US, bridesmaids have a lot more responsibilities and tasks than in France. American bridesmaids are so busy! They often help with decorating the wedding hall, send invitations, make sure the bride looks and feels good, help the bride make various decisions during the wedding planning, and do a ton of chores on the wedding day to help the couple cope with all of the work. French bridesmaids have fewer responsibilities and participate only so much in the wedding prep. So, it’s a lot easier to be a bridesmaid in France than in America.

The roots of this wedding tradition are in the colonization period when first Australian settlers came to the continent and were working hard to make it their new home. Very often, they didn’t have enough money to buy wedding rings, so they invented a new free-of-charge unity ritual – they threw a stone into a lake. This tradition symbolized the promise given by the newlyweds to each other to support each other and stay together in joy and sorrow.

If you want your marriage to be legal (even when wed high in the mountains or on a desert island), you’ll have to prepare the papers. And that means you need to do some research, especially if you’re having an elopement wedding abroad. Find out what legal marriage papers you need, whether there should be witnesses and how many, who has the legal right to marry you (should it be the officiant or can someone get the permission to perform a wedding ceremony?), etc. All this has to be done in advance so that you didn’t waste time during the wedding trip itself.

It’s better to rent plates, cutlery, glasses, and other tableware instead of using plastic disposable items. It means less trash and it’s much more convenient for the guests and looks fancier. If you still want or need to use disposable pieces, there is a huge assortment of organic options these days – instead of plastic, buy paper or cardboard plates, wooden utensils, bamboo or palm leaf or betel nut tableware, etc. Research and choose the material you like and is available locally before you order a bunch of plastic utensils.

This is a typical wedding ritual in Latin America. The couple is bounded with a special wedding lasso rosary or garland. It is delicate, made from flowers, and the whole performance looks fantastic and very romantic. The garland symbolizes unity between the bride and the groom before god. Usually, this rosary comes in during the church wedding ceremony. It’s used in several Latin American countries, especially in Guatemala.