For those brides who are self-conscious about their shapes and wish to tighten up their curves a bit, spanks can be a nice choice. But you don’t absolutely have to do it – wear spanks only if you’re comfortable about it. And make a try-out with your wedding gown before the wedding morning to see if the dress hides the pantie lines. Also, pick the right design of spanks for your dress. If you don’t like spanks, wear ordinary lingerie. It’s your wedding day and you should be as comfortable as possible.

These signs can be very useful, especially if your wedding is big, with 50+ guests. The reserved seating signs are put on the first row or two rows of the wedding aisle to let your guests know that these seats are for the closest family – parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. Surprisingly, this isn’t always obvious for some people, and guests you hardly even know might look for a better place to sit, which usually are the front rows. So, if you have a lot of wedding guests, use reserved seating signs and you’ll have one less problem.

Many brides would like to change the way they look during the wedding day. Some have 2-3 wedding outfits and switch them, others add or take off something – jacket, mantle, veil, shoes, etc. But all this sums up to your wedding expenses, so if you don’t have a big wedding budget, there are other options. For example, jewelry.

Sometimes, it happens that you postpone sending the reply card to the couple who invited you to their wedding until you make up your mind and then totally forget about it. What to do if you’ve just found an unsent card on your table or in your purse? First of all, call the bride or groom and tell them about it, ask if you still can attend the wedding (because maybe their guest list is already set). If they say yes, great, but you still have to mail the RSVP card back.

Self-serve buffet is a not very popular wedding catering style. The food is in chafing dishes and on the stand, people come and serve themselves whatever they like. A big plus is that the wedding guests have a lot of options and can have as much as they want – because some people, women, in particular, are shy to ask the servers to add more food to their plate. And you save money on servers, but, of course, the amount of food must be enough for everybody to get what they would like.

If you feel like it and your wedding dress allows it, of course. Choose whatever style of underwear makes you comfortable or forego it altogether if you want. But make sure your gown isn’t sheer or too short. All those princess-style dresses with many layers of fabric easily allow the bride to skip wearing any wedding lingerie on her wedding day.

If your wedding dress is white, get either white or nude underwear, but never black, red, or other brightly colored lingerie. Nude underwear can be worn with any wedding gown. Black wedding dress requires black bridal lingerie. If your dress is brightly colored, pick undergarments close in color to it. The basic rule is your underwear should match the wedding attire or be invisible.

The average budget of American couples for the wedding photographer usually ranges from $2,000 to $3,500. This amount of money is enough to get high-quality wedding photos. Also, you can find a way of getting a discount to reduce your costs.

In most countries, the wedding reception starts after the official marriage ceremony and signing the legal papers. The newlyweds feed their guests and receive presents after they’re declared a husband and wife. Often, that’s because the brides and grooms don’t feel assured in their partner until the marriage is set. So many people get cold feet and run before they walk down the aisle. But a Pakistani couples sometimes are declared a husband and wife only on the 3rd day of the celebration, and it doesn’t bother anyone at all. No one is afraid that the bride or the groom might get cold feet and bail.

Always think about the temperature of the environment when having a wedding dessert table. Besides the fact that every season requires specific desserts (in summer – light and low-fat, in winter – heavier and possibly even warm), you also need to consider how your sweets will survive the high or low temperatures.

A promise ring is a jewelry piece, a ring that is given to show a special relationship to somebody. It doesn’t have to be a loved one. People often give promise rings to very close friends or brethren. This band strengthens your promise. For example, kids can give each other such rings and promise to be together forever and get married when they become adults. It doesn’t mean they’re engaged after that. So, a promise ring is not as important and serious as an engagement ring.