This wedding photo is charming. Although you can’t see the faces of the bride and groom, the bride’s accessories work wonderfully for the image – her bouquet, floral wreath, and striking wedding gown make the perfect accents. And the lighting is so beautiful!

Long off-shoulder lace sleeves on wedding gowns are very trendy this year. And they look wonderful – fancy and sensual. But make sure the bodice is perfectly fitted to your body so that it doesn’t slide down and bother you the whole day long.

Champagne towers were a popular trend in 2022, and they show no signs of going out of style. Besides, this is a classic wedding trend that has been in and out of fashion for the last century. Today, more and more couples are incorporating this elegant display as a unique way to celebrate their wedding. Whether used as a dramatic entrance or as an alternative to traditional cake cutting, a champagne tower is a great way to create a memorable moment for guests.

Many brides are certain that they can pick only floral bridesmaid bouquets, but that’s not true. You can use greenery, exotic plants, even fruits and veggies. Or they can be even made from artificial materials. This bride and her bridesmaids, for example, picked lush bouquets constructed from greenery and added flower wreaths on their heads. Also a nice and trendy idea!

Floral crowns are back in style, and this is a very exciting wedding trend. Especially for summer and destination weddings. What's particularly interesting is that floral wreaths for grooms are becoming increasingly popular. This trend is breaking down gender barriers and adding a unique and stylish touch to weddings. So, in 2023, both brides and grooms often wear wreaths for their wedding.

Ugandan brides and grooms typically act rather reserved in front of their guests. They don’t kiss or hold hands. Although, they might hug. Traditionally, physical affection between the Ugandan newlyweds isn’t displayed in public.

For years, it's been common for wedding menus to include at least one vegan option. However, in 2023, more couples are dedicating their entire wedding menu to plant-based fare. Whether served family style, through food stations, with hors d'oeuvres, or plated courses, many couples are opting for vegan cuisine as their primary choice.

As bridal fashion takes a turn towards smaller bouquets, wedding decor is experiencing a striking shift towards larger and more exquisite floral arrangements. Couples are enlisting the services of their beloved event designers and florists to craft a cohesive and remarkable ambiance, extending from cocktail hour to tablescapes and lighting. This immersive experience showcases a stunning tapestry of vibrant hues, captivating textures, and intricate patterns, all brought to life by an abundance of lush blooms. From cascading centerpieces to breathtaking installations, the floral design steals the spotlight, adding a touch of opulence and enchantment to the celebration.

Neon wedding signs are still trendy in 2023. Why not use them for a bridal shower, too? A heart-shaped neon sign, for instance, can be the perfect decoration for both the shower and the wedding. And after that, such a sign can be taken home by the newlyweds and placed in the family room or gaming room as a memorable décor item.

There are many styles of wedding gown sleeves popular around the world – short, long, cap sleeves, off-shoulder sleeves, elbow-length and three-quarter sleeves, and so on and so forth. But if you want your wedding dress sleeves to be even fancier than sheer, lace, or embroidered sleeves, here’s a nice idea – strings of seed beads can serve as chic bridal gown sleeves. Such a stylish accessory looks charming and so very fancy.

A sheer drop bridal veil looks delicate and almost fully transparent. The length and width of this veil can be different, it’s up to you. But it is thin, usually without any embellishments, even the edges often have an almost invisible pencil edge. The bride appears more fragile and sophisticated in this veil.