This is a very important issue, so don’t delay this task for too long. You need to create your wedding day timeline, write every little detail down, and this schedule needs to be ready by the time your wedding is 1 month away. Every step of the wedding ceremony and reception, every wedding activity – all these things should be planned and scheduled. The wedding day timeline will help you plenty on the day of your wedding.

Birdcage bridal veils are not for everybody, this is a unique style. But they look charming on brides and give a retro look to the appearance. If you don’t want to hide your face, only to give it a coquettish vibe, this style of wedding veil might be for you. Also, such a wedding veil is small and doesn’t restrict movements of the bride or get in the way. If you like it and the birdcage veil looks good on you, go for it.

The Covid-19 pandemic, unfortunately, has caused the wedding business some problems. For example, there are today and might be in 2022 certain difficulties with shipping and delivery goods for your wedding. You might not be able to order the florals you want for your wedding, especially if they’re delivered from abroad. Or you might not get the bridal attire you want because the factory who produces it had delays with fabric shipments or had to stop the production because of the quarantine. Our general advice for you: be flexible and ready to change your decision if you can’t have what you’ve originally dreamed about. Maybe that’s even for the best.

The right lighting is everything for wedding photos, so listen to your photographer’s advice as to when your wedding photos should be made. If they say, we must catch the sunset, then build your wedding timeline around this point – people can wait, the sun never waits. Wedding photographs where the weather conditions are used to the fullest are among the best and most beautiful wedding pics – the sun, snow, rain, etc. And also, natural lighting is practically always better than the light bulbs.

Rose gold is a mix of gold and copper (and sometimes a little bit of silver). The amount of copper vs gold affects whether the wedding bands appear more reddish or more of lighter pink. This alloy is just fine for wedding rings. People choose it if the shade complements their natural skin color. But not everybody likes rose gold, so before buying such wedding bands, try them on to look if they fit your and your honey’s tastes.

This flower is among the most typical and popular wedding florals used for wedding bouquets, wedding décor, wedding table centerpieces, bridesmaids’ bouquets, etc. Calla lilies look sophisticated, catchy, elegant, and charming. They can be not only pure white but also pink, purple, orange, lavender, dark maroon. But remember that calla lilies are fragile, so they have to be really fresh (delivered no more than 2-3 days before the wedding).

To create perfect wedding photos, use a cool trick. Use your wedding accessories for unique snaps and interesting compositions. For example, a wedding veil or bouquet, the train of your dress, anything that screams Wedding. Some of the most beautiful and unusual wedding picks were done like this.

Usually, weddings used to last longer, some people like to party until morning, so couples just made their grand exit and left the guests to celebrate. But recently, more and more weddings have been ending at midnight. Experience says, most of the guests are ready to go home at midnight or soon after that. And this pandemic taught a lot of people to value their home and family, so they are becoming homebirds. That’s why this trend arose and is becoming popular.

Basically it’s only up to you. Ideally, wedding bands should coordinate somehow, but it doesn't mean they need to match. Although if you want matching wedding rings, go for it. Many couples will simply choose to have some sort of shared element in between the two rings. But sometimes, the bands are totally different, even the material and design.

The “unplugged wedding” signs have recently become rather popular at weddings. They tell people to NOT use their gadgets during the wedding ceremony or at least to not film the wedding with smartphones. Because all the gadgets in the wedding photos popping in front of the pro camera ruin the view of the bride and groom. A wedding is a place where a professional photo and video equipment should be used (except for those weddings where couples on purpose don’t hire a wedding photographer). If you want your wedding to be unplugged, put a corresponding sign somewhere for the guests to see.

We all know that the wedding business has been stalled in 2020-2021 because of Covid-19 pandemic. But with vaccines and decreasing numbers of new coronavirus cases in most countries around the planet, the wedding market is starting to revive these days. The prognoses for 2022 are very positive – 2.5 million of weddings are expected only in America in 2022. So, if you’re one of the couples who plan to have a wedding next year, be ready for a bit of competition in everything – wedding venues, various vendors, wedding planners, date of the wedding, etc.