Before the wedding, create a general checklist of all your DIY things with detailed info. This will help you check if all of the stuff is ready, packed, and arranged correctly. Have this checklist in your phone and send it to those people responsible for your DIY wedding items so that they know what there is and how it is arranged. Ideally, show everything included to the person who will work with your DIY stuff at the wedding and talk all the details through in advance.

A wedding photographer must be educated and experienced in different genres of photography – portraits, landscapes, group photos, still life, and so on. This is much harder than when you specialize in just one area.

Your wedding cake doesn’t have to be white or pastel-colored – it can but not necessarily. Why not make it black & gold with sophisticated flower, greenery, and berry decor? Like in this photo. It looks gorgeous!

Fitting earrings can be the perfect wedding jewelry. In some cases, large statement earrings are all that is needed to top up the wedding look. A nice hairdo and catchy earrings. But don’t overplay with your jewels – there should be 1 or 2 statement pieces or several less eye-catching jewelry items. And earrings are those pieces that are noticed at once, so pick them carefully.

This flower can be called exotic for a wedding because it doesn’t occur often at American or European weddings, but you can frequently find it at an island or elopement wedding. Jasmine is popular in India, Hawaii, and different other romantic places around the world. These sophisticated white flowers are sometimes used as hair adornments for the bride. The biggest advantage of jasmine is its delicious fragrance, although if you don’t like the scent, go for another wedding florals, because jasmine’s fragrance is strong.

Intricate updos embellished with fresh flowers are a perfect option for brides with long hair and middle length hair. It’s easy to attach the stems to pinned locks, and such hair adornments look delicate and neat. But always use those flowers that can stay fresh and not withered for long, because no one wants withered florals in their hair. And also, think about the size and color of flowers used for a bridal hairstyle – florals should suit your skin color and the style of your wedding attire.

When you’re picking a wedding officiant for your LGBTQIA+ wedding, make sure this person takes your union seriously and respects your choice to have a same-sex marriage. Obviously, some religious officiants might be against a non-traditional wedding. But there are plenty of people, priests including, who will be happy to serve as your wedding officiant, you just have to find the right person. If you can’t find a religious wedding officiant in your area that agrees to make your marriage legal, think about having a civil officiant, or you can even ask somebody among your wedding guests to get a license and officiate your wedding ceremony.

You can use different ways of packing your DIY stuff, but it should be easy for other people to understand your idea. If it’s wedding table décor, you can put all the items for one table in one box and sign it “Table 1”, “Table 2”, etc. Or you can put all the things for all of the tables in one box, especially if these items are identical for each table. So, you’ll have a box for table centerpieces, a box for wedding aisle décor, a box for the bar, and so on.

Your wedding arch doesn’t have to be actually an arch. If you decide so, you can have a rectangular or even triangular arch, etc. Decorate it with flowers, greenery, and drapery and make it stand out from the surroundings. Use your imagination to create the wedding arch of your dream.

Unlike American brides who come to the wedding venue together with their grooms, Somali brides come to the reception hall first. The bride and her wedding party (her mother, sisters, female friends and relatives) enters the reception venue and the bride takes her seat facing the guest tables. After a few hours, the groom and his groomsmen arrive. He sits next to his bride and the feast begins.

A honeymoon registry is a great way to ask your wedding guests to become sponsors for your honeymoon instead of giving you ordinary wedding presents. Would your wedding guests be comfortable with such a novelty?