Vietnamese wedding avaVietnamese traditional wedding clothing hasn’t changed dramatically for several hundred years. Of course, some details, fabrics, hairstyles, footwear can be modern, but the general look is pretty much the same. And this is impressive how these people honor their traditions and love their folk attire. Despite contemporary Western-style bridal clothes widely in use throughout the planet, the Vietnamese often prefer to wear the traditional bride and groom’s costumes even in the 21st century.

Vietnam avaThe Vietnamese culture is rather humble and restricted and the local people are used to keep their temper in check. Most likely, you won’t witness a loud and wildly cheerful wedding in Vietnam. Some people even think that a Vietnamese wedding is boring, but it’s just that this country’s bridal rituals and ceremonies are based on old traditions. Vietnamese people honor their traditions greatly, so their wedding ceremony is made for your soul rather than your body, unlike in so many other countries, where you just eat, drink, and dance. Come with us to witness a part of Vietnamese traditional wedding.

Vietnam avaThe Vietnamese bridal fashion changed a lot during the last 100 years. In the 20th century, women in Vietnam usually used traditional clothing as wedding dresses. But since the 1980s, the local brides prefer modern wedding gowns, accessories, and jewelry. It’s so curious to observe the changes in bridal dresses, in hairstyles and headgear, and in bridal jewels. Let’s watch these changes in photos and enjoy the exotic beauty of Asian women.