Marriage necklace avaIndian brides receive a very beautiful, costly, and meaningful wedding present from their grooms. It is a special marriage necklace, usually made from solid gold. But this is not merely an expensive jewelry piece, but a talisman that is believed to ward off the evil eye, bring good luck and prosperity, and even normalize her blood pressure. Although, I think any woman’s blood pressure and mood would improve if she got such lovely jewelry as a gift of love!

Indian bride avaIn India, the most popular wedding attire for a bride is a red sari, a traditional Indian outfit but extremely ornate and bejeweled. This wedding dress is among the most feminine, richly decorated, and expensive outfits on the whole planet. Just look at these bright red Indian bridal sarees, delicate wedding veils, numerous jewelry pieces worn by young brides, and intricate henna drawings on their bodies. They all are in the same style but each look is different and unique only for this woman. And their jewelry is to kill for.

Indian wedding1 avaIndia is one of those countries with a large variety of wedding traditions, rituals, and superstitions. So, there should be some strict rules as to what wedding dress a bride must wear. And yes, such rules exist. For example, the traditional wedding gown should be of a certain color, certain design, and the bride should wear certain jewelry pieces and makeup. Indian brides look glamorous and beautiful in their wedding attire – practically no Western-style wedding gown can be as awe-inspiring.

Indian wedding avaIndian traditional wedding is always a cheerful and colorful occasion. It’s full of tradition. Such a festivity is definitely worth observing or – if you’re lucky – participating in. Vivid colors, rich décor, flowers and greens everywhere, plenty of singing and dancing, tasty food, millennia-old rituals, and so much more. But to really understand what’s going on, a person (especially a foreigner) should learn the meaning and symbolism of various Indian marriage rituals and traditions. That’s what we’re going to do right now, together.

Hindu avaWhen you’re organizing a wedding, there are several main factors which you would take into consideration, like nationality (many people want a wedding in their country’s custom), religion, family traditions, and personal tastes. So, if you’re Hindu, here are a few wedding traditions you can incorporate into your wedding ceremony. And if you’re not, you can just learn a few interesting Indian customs to broaden your horizons.

Sikh avaIndian traditional wedding is full of different rituals and significant ceremonies. That’s because, in this country, everything has a symbolic meaning. We’d like to show you a Sikh traditional wedding with all its brightness and symbolism. Let’s look at the Sikh religious marriage ceremony and informal party with sweets and blessings. Of course, you won’t miss the extraordinary Indian traditional wedding clothing – beautiful ornate outfits that sparkle and shine. So, enjoy!

Indian wedding avaIndia is one of those countries that definitely know a thing about wedding ceremonies. I think the largest, most colorful, and most pompous weddings are held in India. Even living abroad, Indians treasure their traditions. And among them are arranged marriages, very strict rules for the ceremony, etc. But this article is actually about a modern couple from the US who chose each other and are trying to mix the opposing wedding traditions of their Indian regions of origin. Will they succeed? Let’s see.