wedding shoes avaArmenian wedding is a sight to behold – it’s beautiful, romantic, and cheerful. Armenians are very fond of their traditions and customs, including the wedding traditions, which there are plenty. We offer you just a few of the most meaningful, old, and popular wedding rituals. Today, our world is very globalized and a lot of couples prefer a boring Western-style wedding instead of a remarkable traditional marriage ceremony. But these traditions are still followed by some local couples.

Armenian wedding dress avaArmenian traditions dictate that a bride must be modest, virtuous, and shy, but womanly. And her wedding gown screams “chastity and femininity” at the same time. That’s why traditionally Armenian bridal dress had a tight-fitting upper part and floor-length bottom part. And, of course, the gown totally covered the woman’s body, only the neck and palms were left bare. No decolletage or bare back, no transparent fabrics, no mini skirts, no high slit dresses, and so on. Armenian folk wedding dress is a perfect example of how a bride can look virtuous and sexy all at once.