Wedding cake avaWedding etiquette is more important than you might think. Especially if we’re talking about British weddings, as people of this country value their traditions, laws, and rules highly. So, if you’re going to marry a British or attend a wedding in the UK, there are some things you should know about and follow to avoid misunderstandings and embarrassing situations. Of course, we don’t say that these etiquette rules are cut in stone, but your beloved person and the wedding guests will definitely appreciate it if you show that you’re familiar with their wedding traditions and customs.

Claddagh ring avaIreland is a great country with plenty of old traditions that are still preserved and in use in the 21st century. We’ve gathered top-10 most sweet, romantic, and historic Irish wedding traditions. They deserve to be known and used not only by the Irish people but also by any couple out there because they are meaningful, symbolic, and fun. If you’re looking for some old wedding rituals to incorporate in your future wedding, pick one of these. By the way, some of them are 9,000 years old.

Scottish avaScotland is one of those countries that value their traditions deeply, including wedding traditions. It is still vogue in Scotland to get married in kilts, dance folk cèilidh dances, choose centuries-old estate as a wedding venue, honor various good luck traditions and superstitions, etc. So, let’s find out a bit about the traditional Scottish wedding held in the 21st century. How do they reach a perfect balance mixing old-world and contemporary stuff?

Royal bride avaRoyals, especially royal women, often are the fashion icons for millions of people. And a royal bridal gown must be outstanding and meaningful. Every element of the wedding dress is meticulously thought-out and concerted with tradition, rules, and fashion laws. But still, the royal brides have a certain freedom of choice as to what to wear on their big day. Some of these choices are great, others not as fortunate. So, let's take a look back at all the recent British regal wedding gowns, starting with the worst and working our way back up to the best.

Gypsy bride avaThe gypsy brides are known for their lavish and over-the-top weddings. And their bridal gowns are particularly unusual. Would you want a wedding dress made from flowers, yards and yards of ruffles, embellished with a Christmas tree topper, or one that weighs more than you do? All this and much more you can see on a gypsy wedding, where parents wish to spend thousands on their daughters’ happy day. Here are 20 most opulent and costly bridal gowns and wedding trends from the TV show “Big Fat Gypsy Weddings”.

Royal wedding avaThe royal wedding is always about strict rules, subordination, and traditional rituals. Plenty of people dream about being a prince or princess, but is it really so cool when you almost don’t have a say in how your wedding ceremony goes, what you got to wear, and whom you invite to your big day? Let’s see how a traditional British royal wedding is planned and performed. For ordinary people in The United Kingdom, it is the greatest excuse to celebrate, drink, and have fun. What about the royals and the bride and groom?

VA Museum avaSome museums of clothing around the world have different wedding dresses in their exhibitions. Many of these wedding gowns are real masterpieces. For instance, here are several dresses displayed at the Victoria&Albert Museum in London. We’ll see a few wedding outfits from 1775-1899, though, this museum exhibits many more gowns from other periods. We might have chosen the most outstanding and strikingly beautiful wedding dresses from the 18th-19th centuries.

British royal weddings avaThousands of girls around the world dream about marrying a prince, almost as many guys wish to get a princess as a wife. But in real life, is it something worth dreaming about? British Queen Victoria tried to marry her children and grandchildren to monarchs across Europe because she wanted to make as many alliances as she could. She even got the title “grandmother of Europe”. But what did the royal offspring get from such marriages? Did they manage to keep the throne obtained by marriage? And was it a win for Europe in general?

Heather avaThe Scottish culture is extraordinary. It differs from most other folk cultures around the world. The kilt and tartan fabric is just a tiny part of unique local traditions. But what about the traditional wedding in Scotland? Is it also unique and worth attending? Actually, there are many curious Scottish wedding traditions that people still follow through even these days. Let’s find out which ones.

British African wedding avaThe British-African couple Evonne and Sean wanted their wedding to be a fusion of both their cultures: British and Sierra Leonean. So they combined their wedding traditions and tried new roles for each of them. It’s hard to find two countries more different in temperament: where British people are conservative, restrained, and pedantic, Sierra Leoneans are open-hearted, cheerful, and easygoing. How could these bride and groom make such a wedding work?!