Persian Irish wedding avaIt’s always interesting to see how the traditions of various countries mix and intermingle. Especially, the wedding traditions. Mixed couples have not only the cutest kids but also the most wonderful weddings. And this article is a proof. Here is the wedding ceremony of a Persian groom and an Irish bride. These two decided to incorporate both Persian and Irish customs into their celebration to make it even more meaningful and bright.

This is Kelly, she's Irish. This is Rambod, he's Persian. In 36 hours, they will get married in San Diego. We'll see a bedazzled bridal table, dance with the wild Irishmen, and watch a knife dance where Ram showers his sister with cash.

“There are a lot of regions in the world that are Catholic. There are a lot of regions in the world that are Muslim. But there is only one Persian culture and there's only one Irish culture. We are more influenced by our culture than our religion. We use a saying: “Be a boss, date a boss, build an empire…” I'm definitely a boss, and she's a boss, and we're building a beautiful empire and excited, says Rambod, groom.


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“The best part of bringing two cultures together is that you can bring the best of the two cultures and the things that are the most important to you, and you can combine them. And I think it makes the event not just richer, but more unique. We love to dance, we love to dress up, so if you ever go to a Persian wedding or you're invited to a Persian wedding, it’s literally black-tie. They just won't say “black-tie”. If you show up in a sundress or in a polo shirt and slacks – no, no, no. It wouldn't work”, say Shohreh and Zohreh, Persian wedding designers.

“I'm very proud of, you know, being Persian. And that culture is a dramatic influence on my life, as far as Who I am and Where my heritage comes from”, says Rambod, groom.

“I think my family is going to love and be very excited about the Persian traditions that they're going to see, just as I was when I first saw them”, says Kelly, bride.

The centerpiece of a Persian wedding is the Sofreh Aghd.

“The word “sofreh” means “spread” and “aghd” means “wedding”, explain Shohreh and Zohreh, Persian wedding designers.


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The smeared table of wonders takes 4 hours to put together and is unlike anything you've ever seen. Every item on it stands for a different blessing, including:

  • a mirror for brightness and eternity;
  • candles for energy and clarity;
  • eggs and nuts for fertility and abundance;
  • heavenly fruits for a joyous future.

And to balance out Ram’s Persian opulence is Kelly's Irish charm.

“The horseshoe is one of my favorite incorporations of the Irish culture. You have to hold the horseshoe upright – it has to be facing the shape of a “U”, because if it faces the other way, it also is bad luck, that your luck will run out”, says Kelly, bride.

Other Irish tokens are revealed on Kelly's outfit.


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“There's an Irish tradition. It's a sixpence, which is an old Irish penny before they converted it to the euro, and you're supposed to put it in your left shoe for a good luck and good fortune”, adds Kelly, bride.

“The Claddagh Ring is a symbolism of love and loyalty. I will have a Claddagh into my garter. It's so powerful because the saying behind it, which I actually have as a tattoo in Irish, is “Let friendship and love reign above all”. And I think that just shows a lot of what Irish culture is”, explains Kelly, bride.

The couple takes a seat in front of the Sofreh, the bedazzle table.

The Kaleh Ghand, or “sugar shower”, is a sweet welcome for this Persian-Irish crowd.


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The bride and groom sat and there's a cloth held above their head. Different female family members and close friends will come and grind the sugar on top of the veil. And, as the sugar flakes are coming down, they're supposed to sweeten their marriage and their life”, say Shohreh and Zohreh, Persian wedding designers.

The couple also lights a Unity Candle.

“While we are each individuals, together now we come, and we create a stronger, more powerful force”, explains Kelly, bride.

The most sensual Persian tradition is the Asal, or “honey exchange”.

“Honey symbolizes sustenance and also the fact that they will be bringing sweetness into each other's lives”, add Shohreh and Zohreh, Persian wedding designers.

– Rambod, I would like you to take this Asal on your little finger and share it with your bride Kelly. Kelly, you do the same for Rambod. By the power vested in me, by the state of California, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.

The sugar high from tying the knot fuels the Raghse Chaghoo, a playful knife dance, which encourages the wedding party to make it rain. Usually, the sister of the groom dances with a knife that the bride and the groom are going to cut their cake with.


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“My mom always had a saying, “Celebrate everything”, and I just took a cultural step to celebrate life and celebrate happiness, says Rambod, groom.

Kelly and Ram will continue to build their empire through celebrating love, friendship, and happiness.


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