Korean wedding costume avaIn Korea, folk wedding clothing is very bright, colorful, and elaborately shaped. And we can say this about both male and female wedding outfits. Also, these costumes are interesting because they’re multilayered. The traditional headdresses of Korean newlyweds are cute and intricate as well – not all couples wear them but these headpieces add a lot of charm to the bride and groom, so the wedding look appears much better with a folk headdress.

Hanbok avaKorean people traditionally wear their national costumes called “hanbok” to their wedding. Even if they use a Western-style white wedding gown and a tux, they still dress in hanbok at some point in the wedding ceremony, for instance for the tea ceremony or another ritual. A lot of couples don’t even buy Western-style wedding clothing and prefer only the folk attire for their big day. But they lose nothing because Korean traditional bridal costume is exquisite – bright, eye-catching, regal-looking, and magnificent.

Korean wedding avaMany Asian weddings are much more restrained, traditional, and demure than American or African ones. That’s because of the temperament differences. So some Korean wedding traditions are pretty unusual, but it makes them even more interesting. For instance, Koreans took presenting cash as a wedding gift to a whole new level – most wedding guests actually just give money instead of buying toasters, cutlery, or adorable trinkets. There is even a fixed rate for different guests as to how much money they should give. Let’s see what other wedding traditions are there in Korea.