Swedish gown avaHow did wedding dresses look like at the beginning of the 20th century in Sweden? Did they differ much from other European wedding gowns from the period? Were they similar to traditional Swedish wedding attire or totally modern? Here’s a small collection of wedding dresses from the early 1900s. They are preserved by the American Swedish Institute in the US. And looking at these 100-year-old bridal gowns, we can learn more about Swedish wedding fashion.

wedding bouquete3 avaFrance is a country with some unique and very specific wedding traditions. Their existence is caused by the French lifestyle, history, customs, and other conditions. It’s always interesting to compare the marriage traditions of different countries and corners of the world. This time, let’s compare a wedding in France and the US. Some of them may look odd to you, but others you might even want to incorporate in your future wedding ceremony.

wedding avaWeddings in Slovakia often are still organized according to old traditions. A lot of traditional wedding rituals and ceremonies are performed by the bride and groom, their parents, the wedding party, etc. But, of course, Slovak couples also incorporate some modern activities on their big day celebration. Let’s look at various authentic and contemporary activities performed in Slovakia on the wedding day. How many old rituals survived to this day? What modern wedding activities do they have? What adorable wedding day traditions are there in Slovakia?

Cookies avaWedding favors can be so diverse – from tiny and cheap souvenirs to costly housewares and fancy gifts. But people in Slovakia spend so much time and effort on their wedding favors, like no other. Several women (and often kids as well) give their full attention to baking and decorating cookies during a week. We’re talking about 10,000 cookies, for example, for a wedding. In the end, every guest family gets a bag of delicious traditional sweets. Isn’t that a sweet wedding custom?

Engagement avaThe ritual of engagement in Slovakia is interesting because some of the traditions have survived since the Middle Ages. Today, the engagement and wedding ceremonies are not that important and rarely are held according to the old traditions, but in the past, it was a big deal and all the rituals and customs had to be followed. Let’s see what old and modern engagement rituals there are in Slovakia.

ukrainian wreath ava2This wedding headdress of a bride is truly unique. It is traditionally used (for several centuries in a row) only in one particular area of western Ukraine. The headpiece of the local brides looks opulent, eye-catching, and impressive. When a bride is wearing such a wreath, you can’t miss her. And by the way, even today, local women sometimes choose to get married in this authentic headgear, though not very often. Let’s find out more about this elaborate wedding headdress.

Woven towel1 avaEmbroidered and woven ceremonial towels called “rushnyk” were traditionally used in many wedding rituals in Ukraine. For example, it was used during the ritual of engagement. The bride and groom stepped on such a towel in church during the wedding ceremony. A bride could use an ornate towel instead of a belt. The wedding witnesses wore ceremonial towels tied around their body. A lot of different wedding traditions are connected with a bridal towel. Here are a few samples of old Ukrainian wedding towels, hand-woven on a loom.

Italian wedding avaIn Italy, a wedding is a remarkably romantic occasion. A lot of wedding rituals just scream romance. For instance, a night serenade, a wedding bouquet brought by the groom, or huge bridal veils that don’t let the couple see each other before the marriage ceremony. All together, the local wedding customs and rituals make the Italian wedding a very elegant and beautiful sight. And some of these wedding traditions are 700 years old, which is awesome.

Spanish avaA Spanish bodas or wedding is a cheerful event, when families get even closer and celebrate together. In Spain, families are very tight-knit, especially the closest relatives – parents and children, siblings, grandparents and grandkids, etc. Traditionally, couples invited lots of relatives to a wedding to show them respect and share this happy day with them, so there were often at least 200 wedding guests. Though today, weddings got smaller and only close relatives and friends are invited. But still, there are wedding traditions that show how important it is for Spanish people to keep in touch and maintain good relationships with their immediate family.

Claddagh ring avaIreland is a great country with plenty of old traditions that are still preserved and in use in the 21st century. We’ve gathered top-10 most sweet, romantic, and historic Irish wedding traditions. They deserve to be known and used not only by the Irish people but also by any couple out there because they are meaningful, symbolic, and fun. If you’re looking for some old wedding rituals to incorporate in your future wedding, pick one of these. By the way, some of them are 9,000 years old.