Dutch avaHappy couples in the Netherlands have plenty of unique and bewildered wedding traditions. To name just one, Dutch people usually serve herring as a wedding appetizer or snack. They even love to teach the outlanders how to eat this herring properly. And this truly can be fun and a great way to bring strangers (especially international wedding guests) together. It’s always nice to feel involved and welcomed at a wedding, so we all need curious wedding customs for this particular reason.

wedding dance avaBosnia is an interesting country regarding the wedding traditions. You can find a mix of Slavic traditional rituals, classic Western-style customs, and Muslim, Christian, and other religious traditions in Bosnia. Most couples have both a religious and a civil wedding ceremony, celebrating for two days. By the way, it can be hard to understand for some people but in Bosnia, the bride’s family traditionally doesn’t come to the wedding reception because it’s believed that they would be sad, crying because of losing their daughter to a new family, and spoiling everyone’s mood.

wedding avaMany Croatian wedding traditions are truly unique. You won’t find anything like them in other countries. Like offering a piece of apple instead of an engagement ring. Or serving food at the wedding dinner almost until morning. Or having a barjaktar who leads the wedding procession. Croatia has such an interesting wedding culture! Let’s find out more about these and many other Croatian wedding customs.

Wedding bread avaThere is a nice Slavic wedding tradition to use ceremonial wedding bread to bless the newlyweds and ritually feed the guests. Usually, this wedding bread is made in a round shape or sometimes in the shape of a braid. But in Ukraine, the ceremonial breads can be really curiously or even weirdly shaped. For instance, what would you think about wedding bread shaped like a stick, a boot, an antique laundry beater, etc? Intrigued? Let’s look at different Ukrainian wedding bread loaves from a thematic exhibition.

Sugar avaThere are plenty of odd and curious wedding traditions, customs, and rituals around our planet. Some of them are centuries-old and derive from the times when superstitions ruled the world, others are modern inventions. In Greek culture, most of the wedding traditions are connected with religious beliefs. Here are the top 5 most weird wedding traditions in Greece you’ve probably never heard about. Where else would your best friend prepare your first wedding night bed?!

Wedding soon avaIn Czechia, there are not so many wedding traditions that are still honored by the majority of brides and grooms. But those wedding customs and rituals that are still performed today are curious and fun. For example, the groom paying himself out of the sins of his youth or the couple feeding each other with a spoon with holes (poor bride’s gown!), etc. From this article, you’ll also find out why May is considered the worst month for a wedding, when millions of brides from the rest of the world would kill for a chance to get wed in May.

Swedish wedding avaA Swedish wedding is a truly exceptional and cheerful occasion. These people have so many wedding customs you won’t find anywhere else in the world. And even more curious, Swedes don’t do most commonplace wedding traditions performed everywhere else. Like throwing the wedding bouquet or the bride’s father walking her down the aisle, etc. Instead, there are multiple wedding customs and rituals that will be totally new for you. This makes a Swedish wedding so unique.

Pastry boots avaFor the majority of Slavic countries, wedding bread is a very significant item. There are many traditions connected to it, some of which are really adorable and fun. For example, some Ukrainian grooms traditionally present their bride’s mother with specially-baked pastry shaped like a pair of boots. How did such a strange custom appear? Who bakes these cookies? And actually, why boots?! Let’s find out.

Spanish wedding shirt avaBrides have a lot more options of beautiful and fancy wedding attire than grooms – wedding gowns, corsets, gloves, wedding jewelry and hair jewelry, different accessories, etc. But it doesn’t mean men can’t look deliciously elegant on the wedding day. Here is an example of a vintage groom’s shirt from mid-19th-century Spain, and it’s so ornate and spectacular! Just look at this delicate embroidery that covers the shirt.

Wedding war avaUkraine is now involved in a full-fledged ugly war with Russia. But it doesn’t mean we have to become ugly as well. Ukrainians can find beauty and romance in everything, even in a war. Life goes on, love goes on, couples continue to get married and give birth to babies. In this post, we’d like to show you the reality of Ukrainian wedding fashion 2022. We consciously choose these wedding looks or sometimes don’t have a lot of a choice. Let’s see how Ukrainian brides and grooms look at their military weddings 2022.