Swedish wedding avaA Swedish wedding is a truly exceptional and cheerful occasion. These people have so many wedding customs you won’t find anywhere else in the world. And even more curious, Swedes don’t do most commonplace wedding traditions performed everywhere else. Like throwing the wedding bouquet or the bride’s father walking her down the aisle, etc. Instead, there are multiple wedding customs and rituals that will be totally new for you. This makes a Swedish wedding so unique.

Swedish bridal crown

Swedish brides have been wearing special bridal crowns for centuries. It could be a garland of myrtle leaves, a fancy gold or silver crown, a simpler crown made from glass, straw, threads, etc. Various bridal headpieces were used in the past. Nowadays, Swedish brides prefer modern tiaras and veils, but some of them still wear the traditional crown for the wedding. It’s a very old and very popular custom.

Walking down the aisle together

Swedish bride and groom usually walk down the aisle together. It’s not typical for the father of the bride to walk her to her future husband and symbolically give her to this man – Sweden is a rather egalitarian country.

Swedes make it simple

Modern Swedish couples tend to have very simple wedding ceremonies, without pomp. They choose only one maid of honor and one best man, the number of guests is also pretty humble. Swedes don’t usually spend a fortune on their wedding, unlike, for example, American couples.

Everybody kisses the bride and groom

This is another lovely Swedish wedding tradition. Every guest wants to kiss the bride and the groom, and they have a great chance to do it. In the past, it was traditional that when the groom leaves the room for any reason, all the males at the wedding hurry to kiss the bride on the cheek, and when the bride leaves, women kiss the groom. Today, the couple even might have a bell for kissing. The bride rings it – female guests stand up and kiss the groom, the groom rings – men kiss the bride.

Coins in shoes

Swedish brides often carry coins in their shoes for good luck. A silver coin from the father is put into the left shoe and a gold coin from the mother into the right shoe. These coins are supposed to bring well-being to the future family.

Three wedding rings

This is a rather unique tradition. A Swedish bride wears not 2 but 3 rings – an engagement ring, a wedding ring, and a motherhood ring. What an adorable wedding custom!

Swedish brides don’t toss the bouquet

In Sweden, brides keep their wedding bouquets after the wedding. The tradition of throwing a bouquet is not too popular here.

Wedding speech for everyone who wants it

Normally, Swedes are reserved people, short-spoken. But at a wedding, they often like a good speech, so every guest is allowed to give their best wishes to the couple. And these wedding speeches can last throughout the whole dinner, with one guest talking after another, wishing happiness and love to the bride and groom.

Folk songs

At practically any Swedish wedding, people sing old folk songs. It all sounds especially cheerful when most of the guests are already tipsy. Often, the lyrics are even printed and left at every table so that those guests who don’t know this particular song could join in.

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