Terms and conditions

Right now, all our products are produced in Ukraine, Europe. From this location they are shipped worldwide (to most countries around the globe).

We work both with ready-made products and with orders of custom-made products. So, the terms of production and delivery vary.

A number of products are made to order. In this instance, full payment for the goods will be taken in advance as the products are bespoke in nature. Please note that made to order and personalized products cannot be returned except in the event of a fault.

If you’re purchasing a ready-made item, it will be shipped to your location within 3-5 days.

If you’re ordering a custom-made product, it can take a craftsman from 3 days to 2 months to make the item, depending on your order. Some articles are made quickly, others might take some time. Please clarify the terms of production before making your order, especially if you’re buying a custom-made item.

The delivery time differs due to the continent and country where the product is sent to.

As we deliver goods overseas, we don’t provide free shipping. The shipping costs for a purchase are payed by the customer. This way, we’re able to offer the best price for our products without increasing product prices to cover costs for shipping.

A small percent of our orders, generally customized items, may be shipped directly from the artisan to the customer.

We speak English, Ukrainian, and Russian. But sorry, we don’t ship to Russia.

Please note that product colors may vary from the display shown on electronic devices. Packaging may also vary from the website images.

If you have any other questions regarding ordering, producing, and delivering goods, feel free to contact us. As we’re a small business, every customer is important for us. We will try to do our best to help you choose and purchase the perfect wedding gift.

Returns and refunds

Because we are an overseas seller, shipping fee is expensive, so we provide returns only for Europe, but we can refund in the event of a fault.

Made to order and personalized products cannot be returned, unless there is a fault.

If you are a customer from Europe and wish to return a purchased ready-made item, contact us and we will discuss the return. You will need to send the product back in 4 days after receiving it. The item must be undamaged and unused. After we receive it back and check its condition, we will return you the money. Notice: all costs for shipping (both ways) are payed by the customer.

Any additional questions you have about returning or refunding your purchase are welcome. Contact us through e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or via social media.

Good luck with finding the best wedding present on Craft Wedding Gifts!

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