wedding tiara avaA lot of brides wear wedding tiaras on their big day. This wonderful bridal accessory makes you feel like a queen. And it’s also a statement accessory that attracts attention and adds the right vibe to your wedding look. There are myriads of different designs of bridal tiaras – costly and cheap, simple and elaborate, with and without gems or crystals, large and small, traditional and super contemporary, etc. Choose the one for your style and taste. Here are some examples of wedding photos with brides wearing wedding tiaras. These beautiful women look so much lovelier and more unique with their fancy bridal tiaras.

money talk avaYou’re about to begin planning your wedding and don’t know where to start? First things first: create your wedding budget so that you understand your financial capabilities and limits. To help you with this very important step, here are 5 smaller steps you should make to achieve the best result. If you follow the tips from this post, your pocket will thank you later and you’ll have a great chance to avoid burdening yourself with unnecessary wedding debts.

Wedding decor avaThis year differs from the earlier years because couples are at last able to have their dream wedding after the Covid-19 restrictions. And, of course, they want everything to be top notch – from wedding attire to catering to wedding stationery to wedding décor. Let’s look at some of the most creative and unusual wedding décor trends popular in 2023. This year, brides and grooms opt for bright colors, maximalist design, creativity, and personalization. No wonder modern weddings are so fancy and extravagant.

Ugandan wedding avaWhat you should know about Ugandan weddings is that they’re loud and cheerful, full of strangers, there’s not much physical affection seen between the bride and groom, and that the couple’s families play a large role in the selection of a future spouse. From this post, you’ll also find out what the bride and groom and their guests wear to the wedding, what they eat at the reception, what unique and surprising wedding rituals are performed during and after the wedding, and so on.

Wedding table centerpiece avaIf you want your wedding table to be beautiful and cozy, your wedding photos to look fancy, and your wedding guests to feel welcome and thought about, you definitely have to place some kind of a centerpiece on the wedding table. Your personalized tastes define the design, style, color palette, size, and shape of it. Among the most popular wedding table centerpieces are bouquets of flowers, potted plants, greenery garlands, candles in glass cases, etc. We’ve gathered for you several lovely ideas for wedding table centerpieces that look gorgeous.

Wedding floral trend avaThe year 2023 has brought us a number of curious wedding flower trends. New fresh ideas for bridal bouquets, wedding flower installations, wedding table centerpieces, and floral backdrops for wedding photos – the trends we’ll talk about below might impress you enough to incorporate them in your own wedding. Others might seem too odd and unusual for you. But it’s wonderful how the wedding business is never boring.

Groom avaWhile brides have a myriad of wedding dress options for any season and love to have try-ons, grooms are usually more restrained and less excited about their wedding suit shopping. So, here is some useful info to help the groom pick his future wedding attire. First of all, consider the season your wedding is planned for – it influences everything: the style and design, fabric, color, accessories, number of articles of clothing, and so on. But no matter what groom’s suit you choose and the price of it, remember that it should fit your body perfectly – this is the main requirement.

Champagne tower avaThe food & drink wedding trends 2023 are delightful! So many fresh and creative options for you to choose from. Besides, every couple is able to pick something just for them, depending on their wedding budget and personal taste. Here are just a few spoilers: vintage, retro, and nostalgic stuff is the vogue today; regional vegan menus can be delicious and budget-friendly; and don’t forget about creativity in everything. Did any of these trends touch your soul? Then go for it.

Dutch avaHappy couples in the Netherlands have plenty of unique and bewildered wedding traditions. To name just one, Dutch people usually serve herring as a wedding appetizer or snack. They even love to teach the outlanders how to eat this herring properly. And this truly can be fun and a great way to bring strangers (especially international wedding guests) together. It’s always nice to feel involved and welcomed at a wedding, so we all need curious wedding customs for this particular reason.

Best wedding photos avaThe wedding photos are something you’ll keep and treasure for the rest of your life – at least if you’re happy in marriage. So, make some effort to have the best possible wedding pics. Hire a pro wedding photographer – you can cut the expenses on other things (wedding décor, food, wedding stationery, etc) – and discuss with him or her the poses or ideas you favor. To help you with the latter a bit, we’ve gathered 12 really unusual and spectacular wedding photos that might inspire you for your own unique ideas. These photographers truly earned their payment!