Palestine avaPalestinian weddings are typically cheerful, loud, plentiful, and last for several days in a row. This country has a rich and ancient culture, so it’s no wonder their wedding traditions are also old and respectful. From an engagement to a post-wedding family gathering – every aspect of a wedding is dictated by tradition and is wonderful to witness. If you’re going to a Palestinian wedding, be ready for mounds of food, loud ululating, folk dancing and singing, and elaborate henna tattoos.

wedding bonnet avaToday, brides seldom wear caps or bonnets on their wedding day. Usually, it’s a wedding veil or some cute bridal hair accessories. But in the 19th century, it was fashionable for ladies all around the world to wear a wedding bonnet on top of an intricate hairdo. When we look at these headpieces with a modern eye, some of them seem weird or even awful for us – like bonnets adorned with dead stuffed birds or bird wings – but it was the norm in the 1800s. I’d say, thank God fashion trends have changed since then.

disappointment avaSometimes, everything just doesn’t go as you’ve planned. Even when you did all you possibly could to organize a perfect wedding. Even when your plan is great. There is still a chance that something will go wrong. What can you do to feel better if you can’t fix the problem? How to cope with your disappointment? Because a lot of people consider their wedding day one of the best days in their life and have extremely high expectations, so when even the smallest detail goes not according to plan, they feel devastated. Hopefully, this post will help you avoid such drama.

Bridal henna tattoo avaThere is a tradition in the Middle East, on the Indian subcontinent, in South Asia, and in Africa for the bride to apply henna tattoos before the wedding. Special henna parties are often organized where women gather, talk and eat, and the invited artist creates intricate henna tattoos on the bride’s palms, hands, and feet. The henna patterns symbolize good luck, prosperity, good health, happiness in marriage – all those things every woman wishes to get when she’s getting married. What if that’s not your heritage but you still wish to have henna drawings on your skin on the wedding day? Should you do it?

Destination wedding2 avaMany couples choose a destination wedding in the hope of reducing the wedding expenses and, in some cases, a destination wedding is really cheaper, but you have to be smart and plan everything thoroughly. We’ve gathered here several best pieces of advice for those who want to save money on a destination wedding. By the way, it doesn’t mean that your wedding will look cheap and boring – you can have a chic grand wedding and still pay less for it than you would in your native city.

Wedding soon avaIn Czechia, there are not so many wedding traditions that are still honored by the majority of brides and grooms. But those wedding customs and rituals that are still performed today are curious and fun. For example, the groom paying himself out of the sins of his youth or the couple feeding each other with a spoon with holes (poor bride’s gown!), etc. From this article, you’ll also find out why May is considered the worst month for a wedding, when millions of brides from the rest of the world would kill for a chance to get wed in May.

Happy couple avaMen usually don’t care as much about the future wedding as women do. The details, such as what flowers to choose or what food to serve at the wedding meal, aren’t that important to them. So, a fiancee might feel like she’s carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders because all of the wedding planning is done by her alone. If that’s your case, this article might be useful for you. Maybe you and your honey just misunderstand each other’s priorities or handle responsibilities ineffectively.

Destination wedding avaIf you want to have a wedding outside of your country, the first decision is what location to choose. Do you dream about an island wedding or a castle wedding or a wedding in your favorite country, the culture of which you adore? The world is so diverse, with multiple unique landscapes, cultures, and wedding traditions! Of course, it’s a challenge to plan a destination wedding, but don’t give up on your dream. Just look at these wonderful photos from various destination weddings and remember that this experience and memories will always be with you during your happily ever after.

Wedding gifts avaWedding gifts registry is a common thing these days. Most couples give their guests a list of things they would like to get as a wedding present. And for some couples, it can be a challenge to create such a list. So, a wedding planner asked around, analyzed many wedding registries, and selected the top 7 wedding gifts that people continue to use for decades after their wedding day – proved by experience. Consider including the following items in your wedding gifts registry.

Swedish wedding avaA Swedish wedding is a truly exceptional and cheerful occasion. These people have so many wedding customs you won’t find anywhere else in the world. And even more curious, Swedes don’t do most commonplace wedding traditions performed everywhere else. Like throwing the wedding bouquet or the bride’s father walking her down the aisle, etc. Instead, there are multiple wedding customs and rituals that will be totally new for you. This makes a Swedish wedding so unique.