Memorial candle avaEvery single one of us has lost somebody we loved – a parent, a sibling, a friend, a mentor, a coach. We miss people who’ve passed away, grieve the loss, and often want to honor and remember them somehow on our wedding day, the day we would love to share with them. If that’s what you feel, this post is for you. We offer you a few ideas on how to remember people who were important but are no longer there for you. The ways of honoring your deceased loved ones can be public and loud or subtle and silent – do whatever you feel right.

buttonhole idea avaThere are so few groom’s wedding accessories that each and every one of them counts. But the main item that points at the groom in the wedding crowd is a boutonniere or buttonhole. People have created myriads of boutonniere designs, they use fresh and artificial flowers, fruits and berries, décor elements, yarn, lace, feathers, and many more materials to make this tiny symbol of a groom unique and personalized. We’ve gathered for you a collection of ideas for lovely buttonholes and boutonnieres from different corners of the world. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to create your own unique boutonniere design.

Botswana avaSome wedding traditions in Botswana are rather rational and logical – the Western world could adopt a few of them as well. For example, Tswana boys and girls that approach adulthood are sent to a special school to study societal responsibility and family duties. What other Tswana wedding customs can be incorporated into our marriage ceremonies?

Happy couple avaEvery couple has a few wedding day regrets, it’s normal, you can’t be prepared for anything, something always goes wrong. By the way, remember about it on your wedding day – it’s fine when things go not as planned. But there are big regrets that can be easily avoided. Some of them are matter-of-course, others might be a surprise for you. But if you know about possible regrets, you’re able to do whatever is needed to fix it. Avoid these 6 biggest regrets to have the wedding of your dream.

Colored wedding gowns avaThe fashion for white wedding dresses appeared in the late 19th century and became a trend only in the 20th century. Before that, brides often wore colored wedding gowns tailored in a trendy design of the time for their wedding. Maybe you won’t agree with us, but we think that these elegant 19th-century wedding outfits in burgundy, chocolate, plum, terracotta, sky-blue, and other wonderful colors look even more beautiful and dramatic than modern boring white, ivory, cream, and beige wedding gowns.

bridesmaid dresses ava2Being invited to a wedding is fun and exciting, but it’s also a responsibility. There is a certain code of behavior and dress code you should know and follow. Every wedding guest needs to realize that the couple prepared for this single day for months or even years. You can’t afford to ruin the celebration with an ill-considered decision. For example, don’t wear white clothing to someone’s wedding or don’t drink too much. What other rules for how to be a good wedding guest you should know about?

Henna avaThe traditional wedding in Qatar originally lasts for several days and includes several different ceremonies and parties. Although today, many Qatari couples choose a more modern Western-style wedding, without so much pomp and hundreds of wedding guests invited. But some Qatari wedding traditions deserve remembering and honoring, and we’re glad to share them with you.

wedding photo avaFor every couple, their wedding photos are precious. You will probably get your wedding photo album out of the drawer and look it through every now and then, you will show it to your kids and grandkids. I’ve even seen a wedding photo used as the photo on the gravestone once – the couple got married in the early 20th century, lived their life together, and died at old age, but they asked their family to put this vintage photo on the headstone for them. And it looks adorable – they’re young, in love, and happy together. Forever. Would you trust your photographer to make such awesome wedding pics that you’d want to be remembered looking like this forever? If yes, you’ve picked the right wedding photographer.

bridal hairstyle avaThe absolute majority of brides all around the world prefer to wear their hair in some kind of a bun for a wedding. There are dozens of various bun hairstyles for different face structures, hair colors, wedding themes, etc. But this hairdo is by far not the only option for you. Here is a variety of beautiful, delicate, and romantic wedding hairstyles for a bride. Maybe one of them will inspire you for your own perfect wedding look.

DIY avaWhen you decide to DIY some stuff for your wedding – whether it’s wedding décor or bridal bouquet or guestbook, etc – it means that you have a clear vision of what your wedding should look like. And usually, the hardest thing is not to find creative ideas or to DIY the objects or even deliver everything to the wedding venue – the hardest thing is to explain your vision to those people who will arrange your DIY installations so that they do it all just as you’ve imagined. You need to be very organized with your DIY wedding décor. And here are a few useful pieces of advice.