Wedding 15K avaAre you planning a wedding and scared of the costs you see popping up? Know that you’re not alone. So many couples are facing this particular challenge and trying to find a way out. Of course, you can make your wedding smaller or less fancy, etc, but what if you don’t want to sacrifice the dream about your perfect wedding for harsh reality? There is always a way to solve any problem, so stop stressing about your wedding budget and consider the following wedding budget saving tips. They will truly help you reduce some of your expenses.

Wedding dress sleeves avaThe style and design of your wedding gown sleeves is very important. More important than you would think. Sometimes, they create the whole vibe and style of the dress. Stylists often recommend to pick a gown with sleeves that are familiar and comfortable for you. If you’re a T-shirt person, choose a dress with cap sleeves. If you love the feel of long and puffy sheer sleeves, then bishop style is for you. And if you have chiseled neck, arms, and shoulders, feel free to forgo any sleeves at all. Here are just a few options for you to choose from.

wedding dance avaBosnia is an interesting country regarding the wedding traditions. You can find a mix of Slavic traditional rituals, classic Western-style customs, and Muslim, Christian, and other religious traditions in Bosnia. Most couples have both a religious and a civil wedding ceremony, celebrating for two days. By the way, it can be hard to understand for some people but in Bosnia, the bride’s family traditionally doesn’t come to the wedding reception because it’s believed that they would be sad, crying because of losing their daughter to a new family, and spoiling everyone’s mood.

bachelorette party avaMost bachelorette parties are held pretty much the same – girls gather, go for a drink, dance, sing karaoke, have fun talking about relationships and the future wedding, and so on. But what if you’re the maid of honor and want to organize a unique and absolutely memorable bachelorette party? What activities to choose to impress your friend? How to entertain the guests so that everybody has fun and there are no awkward moments between people who probably have never met before or just met occasionally? Here are a few truly unique ideas you can incorporate in a bachelorette party.

Rustic wedding avaRustic weddings are not for everyone. Some people even think they’re outdated and redneck, as opposed to fancy cream-on-cream weddings. But don’t hurry to discard the idea of having a wedding with a rustic vibe, just make it modern rustic – fresh and timeless. Here are a few tips and ideas you can use to achieve the perfect 2023 stylish rustic wedding.

Bridesmaid bouquets avaBridesmaid bouquets are not an obligatory part of a wedding, many couples don’t have them – and it’s fine. But they’re a beautiful and very fitting addition. Beautiful girls with beautiful flowers – what better way to create the right vibe?! Bridesmaid bouquets look wonderful in the wedding photos and they give your bridal party something to hold when they’re standing at the altar with you. Some people fidget with their hands when they’re nervous, and it shows, so it’s a good idea to place small bouquets in your bridesmaids’ hands. Besides, you can create a certain mood with the design of your bridesmaid bouquets. Here’s what we’re talking about.

Colombian avaSome Colombian wedding traditions are the same as those that typically occur at a Western-style wedding, like the proposal, a bachelor/bachelorette party, not seeing each other before the wedding, etc. But other wedding customs and rituals are unique and truly fun. For example, single male guests hide their shoes under the bride’s gown to find out who’s going to be the next groom. Or wedding guests having la hora loca (crazy hour) on a dance floor. There are also some more curious Colombian wedding traditions below.

bridal hairstyle5 avaWhen you’re shopping for your wedding gown, remember that there is your ordinary sizing and then, there is bridal sizing. And they are different. The bridal size depends on where the dress is made (the US, the UK, China, Italy, Canada, etc), the designer’s point of view, and so on. Don’t be scared of another sizing but make sure the dress fits you, especially if you’re buying it online. We have some more tips and pieces of advice regarding the wedding gown sizing for you in the post below.

Kids at wedding avaIf you already have kids and are getting married, don’t be shy to involve them in your wedding photos. Babies, toddlers, and older children, including teenagers, look adorable in wedding pics. And they usually love to pose with the bride and groom in their beautiful “fairy tale” (as some kids say) wedding outfits. Little girls in princess dresses and boys in tiny suits – what can be lovelier?! To convince you, here are a few cute wedding photos with kids acting as bridesmaids and groomsmen, flower girls, pageboys, ring boys and girls, etc. You can also invite your nephews and nieces, little siblings, or friends’ children to assist you at your wedding.

Tajik womanTajikistan is a Central Asian country and thus, many local wedding traditions are common for the whole region. But, of course, there are also unique, typically Tajik wedding customs and rituals. In this post, we’ll talk about both. Among other things, we’ll find out what a kalym is, how old Tajik brides usually are, and why Tajik craftswomen intentionally make flaws in the needlework decorating the bridal veil.