Groom avaWhile brides have a myriad of wedding dress options for any season and love to have try-ons, grooms are usually more restrained and less excited about their wedding suit shopping. So, here is some useful info to help the groom pick his future wedding attire. First of all, consider the season your wedding is planned for – it influences everything: the style and design, fabric, color, accessories, number of articles of clothing, and so on. But no matter what groom’s suit you choose and the price of it, remember that it should fit your body perfectly – this is the main requirement.

Fall-winter groom’s suit

While winter may not be the most popular time for weddings in some countries, it's important to know your options. A beautiful fall wedding can be truly magical with its stunning colors that will complement your wedding pictures. And chic groom’s wedding attire tailored from fine wool looks wonderful, especially with such added items as a waistcoat, a stylish coat, a hat, etc.


Fall-winter groom’s suit


When selecting the fabric for your suit, choose heavy materials such as 100% wool, wool-silk, or wool mohair blends. As we all know, darker colors dominate during fall and winter – black, navy blue, dark gray, dark brown, and similar colors are perfect for a fall-winter wedding suit. For a tuxedo, black is always the best option. However, for a three-piece suit, colors such as blue, dark blue, midnight blue, and charcoal gray are perfect for enhancing the groom's personality.

Also, think about buying a suit that can be worn multiple times during all four seasons, not just once in your lifetime. A blue or gray twill suit tailored from wool fabric is a great example of a suit that maintains its shape during the day and is breathable when required.

Spring-summer groom’s suit

Spring and summer are the peak wedding season, and everyone is eagerly waiting for wedding invitations and planning their outfits. As the star of the wedding, the groom needs all the style advice he can get. Besides, there are more options of wedding suits for the warmer season, so you can get lost in the variety.

To make it easier on you, let's categorize the summer attire for the groom-to-be into 3 major categories:

  • fabric (wool & silk blends are among the best options);
  • weight of the fabric (less than 250 g/m);
  • colors (light shades – blue, light blue, light gray, light brown, beige, etc).

A classic blue suit made from twill weave is an all-weather garment that is exceptionally versatile and synonymous with contemporary elegance. It is the perfect choice for weddings and ceremonies, ideal for all four seasons.


Spring-summer groom’s suit


But if you prefer something more contemporary, think about an informal lightweight cotton or even linen suit in soft shades. For the warmer season wedding, you can even forgo a jacket and wear only a lightweight shirt and dress pants. Throw in fancy suspenders or a waistcoat if you want to add a little bit more style to your outfit.

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