Wedding floral trend avaThe year 2023 has brought us a number of curious wedding flower trends. New fresh ideas for bridal bouquets, wedding flower installations, wedding table centerpieces, and floral backdrops for wedding photos – the trends we’ll talk about below might impress you enough to incorporate them in your own wedding. Others might seem too odd and unusual for you. But it’s wonderful how the wedding business is never boring.

Bold colors of flowers

This year, vivid, unusual, and bold colors of wedding florals are the vogue. Cream and pastel colors of flowers, of course, still remain, in case you’ve chosen this color palette for your wedding. But don’t be afraid to make your wedding flower décor a lot more bright and catchy. By the way, not only the florals are becoming bolder, it’s the same with other décor elements – tablecloths, balloons, candles, vases, signs, etc.

Flower crowns and wreaths for brides and grooms!

Floral crowns are back in style, and this is a very exciting wedding trend. Especially for summer and destination weddings.

The tradition of wearing flower crowns dates all the way back to ancient Greece, where they were used at weddings and to crown champions. Today, this tradition still thrives in Greece and has gained popularity around the world.

What's particularly interesting is that floral wreaths for grooms are becoming increasingly popular. This trend is breaking down gender barriers and adding a unique and stylish touch to weddings. So, in 2023, both brides and grooms often wear wreaths for their wedding.

Floral installations with fruits and veggies

This year, wedding florists tend to add fresh fruits and vegetables to wedding flower installations for a unique close-to-nature vibe. Wedding table centerpieces with a mix of fruits, veggies, and flowers look unexpected and really cute. Besides, it’s cheaper than using only fresh cut flowers which are sometimes rather costly.

Natural-world backdrops instead of wedding arches

Today, couples often choose natural-world backdrops for their wedding photos instead of artificially created floral installations, such as wedding arches and similar items. Just pick the right place that is meaningful to you and your honey and provides the perfect background for the pics. This trend helps to cut the costs of your wedding and is eco-friendly, which is always great.

Unusual vessels for wedding flowers

When it comes to wedding flowers, couples often focus solely on the blooms and overlook the vessels or vases used to display them. Although, the vessel plays an equally important role in creating a stunning floral arrangement. For instance, you can have delicate bowls fitted with kenzans (also called “spiky frogs”, specific devices used in the Japanese art of flower arrangement ikebana for fixing the flowers in the container) instead of traditional oasis-based arrangements. Such spiky frogs and invisible glass vessels create the impression of a more organic display, where the flowers appear to be naturally growing from the surface.

There are other curious options of unique vases and vessels for wedding flowers. To find out which you like, consult with your florist and use your imagination. The global wedding trend that says, personalization is everything this year, doesn’t go anywhere anytime soon.

Tiny wedding bouquets

This is an adorable wedding flower trend. Some brides choose small and neat wedding bouquets instead of large cascade wedding bouquets or presentation wedding bouquets, etc. Oversized bridal bouquets are out of fashion today. Instead, brides use smallish, sometimes even wired arrangements for their wedding.

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