Hmong woman avaIt can be hard for a small national community to survive and preserve its culture. But the Hmong people manage to do both pretty effectively. Partially, that is thanks to their strict marriage traditions – some of them ensure there’s no incest, others help to pass old beliefs of the ancestors to the next generations. Anyway, this Chinese community has curious and useful wedding traditions, along with less logical and more superstitious ones. But all of them let us better understand the Hmong culture.

Chinese wedding avaChina is one of those countries with lots and lots of traditional rituals, old beliefs, and obligatory customs. And because the wedding is such an important event in a person’s life, there are certain wedding traditions that are still maintained by Chinese people. So, if you’re thinking of getting married into a Chinese family or doing a traditional Chinese wedding, you need to know these things about the Chinese wedding etiquette. It can be wrap up in the phrase “three letters & six etiquettes”.

Miao silver avaThe Miao people in China have curious wedding traditions. One of them is to dress a bride head-to-toe in silver. Traditionally, every bride should have plenty of silver adornments on her head, neck, shoulders, torso, and arms. All this silver can weigh about 13 kg. What bride wouldn’t want that much sparkle on her wedding gown?! But it isn’t just a way of beautifying the bride – this tradition has a strong and old background. These silver jewels play a very important role in the future of a newlywed couple.

Chinese wed avaThe most special clothing. Maybe you’ll only wear it once in your life. The most important dress in a woman’s life – a wedding gown. China has some strong tradition regarding the folk wedding dress. For instance, the color of the main garment should be red and the embroidery is made in gold threads. Every Chinese wedding outfit is perfect in its authenticity and peculiar Oriental beauty.