Chinese wed avaThe most special clothing. Maybe you’ll only wear it once in your life. The most important dress in a woman’s life – a wedding gown. China has some strong tradition regarding the folk wedding dress. For instance, the color of the main garment should be red and the embroidery is made in gold threads. Every Chinese wedding outfit is perfect in its authenticity and peculiar Oriental beauty.


There are some features of a Chinese wedding gown that should be observed:

  • the costume consists of a separate skirt and blouse or jacket;
  • red color is meant to symbolize good fortune and happiness for the couple;
  • embroidery patterns are traditionally made in gold threads;
  • ornamentation and embroidery designs picture traditional Chinese symbols and characters;
  • the dress usually has a stand-up collar;
  • accessories and details of the dress are made in the traditional fashion (buttons are knotted fabric, not European-style ones), etc.


Chinese wed10


The Chinese traditional wedding dresses are real works of art.

The craftswomen in China invent the embroidery designs according to the couple’s characters and needs. They draw color embroidery draft based on a one-to-one ratio. Take the needle as a pen, the thread as ink. The process of embroidering continues for several months. By the way, the craftswoman embroiders on pieces of fabric before they are shaped into a dress.


Chinese wed1

Chinese wed2


The next step – ironing the embroidery to perfect the texture and relief.


Chinese wed3


Then, the embroidered squares are cut into shapes of clothes. The pieces are stitched to a complete wedding attire.


Chinese wed4

Chinese wed5


The details of the wedding dress are hemmed by hand.


Chinese wed6


To make buttons, long strips of satin are sewn and tied into special knots.


Chinese wed7

Chinese wed8


Every piece of work is a blessing for the new couple.


Chinese wed9




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Wow, what a beautiful garment we have. I proud to be Chinese.

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