Champagne tower avaThe food & drink wedding trends 2023 are delightful! So many fresh and creative options for you to choose from. Besides, every couple is able to pick something just for them, depending on their wedding budget and personal taste. Here are just a few spoilers: vintage, retro, and nostalgic stuff is the vogue today; regional vegan menus can be delicious and budget-friendly; and don’t forget about creativity in everything. Did any of these trends touch your soul? Then go for it.

Entirely vegan wedding menus

For years, it's been common for wedding menus to include at least one vegan option. However, in 2023, more couples are dedicating their entire wedding menu to plant-based fare. Whether served family style, through food stations, with hors d'oeuvres, or plated courses, many couples are opting for vegan cuisine as their primary choice.

In fact, an increasing number of couples are requesting a completely vegan menu. This trend reflects the fact that vegan dishes can be creative, delicious, and cater to a wide range of dietary restrictions. With vegan cuisine, couples can offer their guests a variety of innovative and flavorful options that highlight fresh, seasonal ingredients. Whether or not the couple themselves are vegan, this approach to wedding catering allows them to showcase their values and provide their guests with a memorable culinary experience. Why don’t you try this new trend as well?

Champagne towers are back

Champagne towers were a popular trend in 2022, and they show no signs of going out of style. Besides, this is a classic wedding trend that has been in and out of fashion for the last century. Today, more and more couples are incorporating this elegant display as a unique way to celebrate their wedding. Whether used as a dramatic entrance or as an alternative to traditional cake cutting, a champagne tower is a great way to create a memorable moment for guests.


Fresh food and drink trends 2023


Not only is a champagne tower visually stunning, but it also makes for great photo opportunities. What better way to capture the spirit of the celebration than by popping bottles of your favorite bubbly and pouring it together in a cascading tower? This classic display is the epitome of celebration and is sure to create a festive atmosphere that your guests will never forget.

Elevated full-coursed plated meals

Many couples today are seeking a truly exceptional dining experience for their wedding. While this approach may not suit every location, style of wedding, or budget, the experience of sitting down to a full multi-course menu can feel truly special, especially after the last few years of social isolation.

In particular, plated desserts are continuing to be popular among couples who want to create an elevated dining experience. Show-stopping plated desserts can provide a stunning visual and sensory experience that surprises guests with pops of color, textures, and flavors. These desserts are the perfect way to cap off a memorable meal, leaving guests feeling both satisfied and impressed by the culinary creativity on display.

Regional food

In 2023, couples are increasingly interested in incorporating local elements into their wedding celebrations. However, this trend goes beyond simply sourcing ingredients from nearby farms. Couples now seek to showcase the unique culinary traditions of the region or area where they are tying the knot.

Weddings are special events that often require travel, meaning guests may hail from all over the world. Couples are eager to share what makes their wedding city, region, or state unique, especially from a culinary standpoint. This might involve featuring a specific ingredient that is only found in that particular area, or embracing the region's cuisine as a whole. By highlighting local flavors, couples can create a truly unforgettable experience for their guests and celebrate the distinctive character of the place they call home.

Elegant nostalgia

In 2023, couples often choose a nostalgic vibe for their wedding but fuse it with the fresh elegance of today. Throw in some of the favorite snacks or dishes that evoke nostalgia – like cinnamon rolls, your grandma’s specialty (the whole family will recognize it and feel sentimental, telling other guests the story of this dish), meaningful traditional dishes (for instance, from your ancestral cuisine), and so on. Anything that is meaningful for the couple and their guests is the perfect addition to the basic wedding meal menu.


Fresh food and drink trends 2023


Creative beverage options

Cocktails stations with unusual and unique drinks are becoming more and more common at weddings. If your wedding budget allows for it, hire a skilled and creative bartender for your reception who will make striking cocktails to delight your guests. And remember, creativity is trendy in 2023, so forget about boring classic drinks (or maybe have just 2-3 options of them) and opt to surprise your family and friends with elaborate and fun cocktail choices.

Creative dish presentations

In addition to the menu, the way food is presented is also becoming more adventurous this year. Couples are opting for unique and creative food displays that reflect their personalities and style. This can range from interactive stations where guests can customize their own dishes to visually stunning displays that look like works of art. For example, grazing tables with an abundance of fruits, cheeses, and charcuterie are a popular option for cocktail hour, while dessert displays with hanging installations and geometric shapes are becoming more common for the sweet finale. The possibilities for creative presentation are endless, and it’s a great way to surprise and delight guests with a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

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