Wreath avaOld Ukrainian tradition dictated for brides to wear a wedding wreath with their wedding attire. Such a headdress was an obligatory accessory worn with pride. During the wedding ceremony, a special wedding ritual was performed and a wreath was replaced by a kerchief that covered the bride’s hair. A wedding wreath was a ceremonial and meaningful headpiece and, despite being used for only one day, it had to be glorious – large, fancy, and eye-catching. The more imaginative you were with your wreath, the better. Here’s one of the many exquisite Ukrainian bridal wreaths – this rare item, remarkably, made from wooden shavings.

Yurt avaBy far not every couple can get their own place to live in as a wedding present. Usually, houses are expensive and people have to apply for a mortgage to pay for a new home for the family. But Mongolians have a much simpler option – their traditional yurts are much, much cheaper, so the newlyweds can get their own house from day one of their life together. It makes marriage a lot comfier and happier when you don’t have to live with parents or get large loans to pay for a house. Still, who pays for the bride and groom’s yurt, how much, and where do they place it?

wedding aisle avaNo matter where you’re planning to have your wedding ceremony, it’s always nice to embellish the space to make it look festive, romantic, or even grand. It’s up to you what style, decorations, and colors to use, we just thought about giving you a few heads up. How to decorate a church and not overwhelm it with flowers and balloons? What wedding décor to pick for your wedding aisle? Should you choose something classic or be imaginative and creative? Come on, let’s decide together.

extravagant wedding ring avaNew fashion trends come and go constantly, and the wedding business has always been a swiftly changing area, but in 2021, life is so unpredictable and strange that we never stop wondering what’s gonna be next. The latest trend in wedding rings is dictated by today’s living conditions – because of the Covid-19 pandemic, people meet in video chats more often than face to face, which means that the face, chest, and hands are usually what we see of another person. Guess what this lifestyle did to the wedding rings trends? It made wedding bands and engagement rings the most important thing for American brides.

Swedish wedding attire avaWedding outfits in the 19th century were rather sophisticated. Even today, a lot of grooms wear imitations of 19th-century dress suits, with their extravagant cravats, hats, walking sticks, and other lovely accessories. But not only universal Western-style groomswear was popular at the time. Instead, men often dressed in traditional clothing for their wedding. Here is an example of Swedish groom’s full set of wedding clothes from the early-mid 19th century. It looks both elegant and traditional.

Pakistani wedding avaWeddings in Pakistan are cheerful and colorful events that last several days. The wedding outfits of both the bride and the groom are outstanding – ornate, bejeweled, and costly. Everything is grand and sparkling. Everything around screams money – though, of course, some families can afford to spend more on a wedding than others, so there are fancier and simpler marriage celebrations in Pakistan. Still, millions of women all around the world would kill to have such a chic and beautiful wedding. But does a Pakistani wedding have flaws? Let’s find out.

Tibetan love lock avaWeddings in Tibet still have a lot of traditional rituals and customs that are being strictly followed by people. And in general, a wedding in Tibet differs so much from what most of us are familiar with that it’s exciting to witness such an unusual event. For example, there are no sheer white wedding gowns, no official I do’s, and no wedding bouquets. Instead, the bride and groom often meet each other for the first time on the 2nd day of the wedding celebration, wedding gifts are displayed for everybody to see, and envelopes with money are opened in front of the guests, with numbers listed in a notebook.

saving account avaThis is one of the best tips for anyone who has even distant plans of getting married one day. Open a saving account for your wedding in advance so that you have no problems with your wedding budget when the time comes. If you put even $100 in your bank account every month during 5-10 years, you’ll have a tidy sum of money to start your wedding planning with. A saving account might help you avoid wedding loans, which is always a good thing. Don’t start life together with your loved one with a wedding loan and a bunch of debts.

betrothal ring avaThere are so many different wedding traditions regarding the rings, but this time, let’s find out if these 4 rings – engagement ring, proposal ring, betrothal ring, and promise ring – are one and the same or they differ from one another. This is so exciting! From child’s innocent promise to a sealed wedding contract. What’s the meaning of these bands? Who gives them and when? How do they look like? And can you have all four?

Moroccan sweets avaThe wedding meal is one of the most expected and desired by the guests parts of a wedding. And in many countries, the wedding reception is lavish and grand. Couples and their families show their generosity and wealth by making a real feast for their wedding guests that sometimes lasts for a few days in a row. Moroccan traditional culture is famous for its delicious food, so Moroccan wedding receptions are deliciously wonderful, with lots of sweets and tender & spicy meat dishes.