wedding dance avaYour first wedding dance is a wonderful experience. You will remember it to the end of your days. So, make it count. Picking the right music for this special dance is extremely important. First of all, choose the genre you and your honey like, no matter what other people think or whether your relatives approve. Then, prepare the first wedding dance, practice, don’t rely fully on improvisation. And lastly, just feel the music, enjoy the moment, and have the best time with your beloved new husband or wife.

wedding arch avaFancy wedding arches are a beautiful wedding décor element. It’s one of the best ways to adorn your wedding location and show your personality. Thousands of the loveliest and most romantic wedding photos were made near a wedding arch. So, don’t skip your chance to have a wedding arch in your style and design. Here are a few classic and innovative ideas to inspire you – floral wedding arches, wedding arch drapes, wedding arch greenery, wooden wedding arches, wedding arches of interesting shape and style, etc.

bridesmaid dresses avaThe classic trend for bridesmaid dresses that exists for many years now is to use gowns of identical design. Wedding photos look neat when all of the bridesmaids are dressed in outfits in the same color, style, length, with the same embellishments, etc. On the other hand, modern wedding trends allow to add more personality to everything regarding a wedding, so a lot of couples today let their bridesmaids to wear slightly or even very different outfits. What option suits you better? Let’s try to find out.

Wedding soon avaWhen it’s 1-4 weeks until your wedding day, it’s time to do all the last minute prep and make sure you’re ready for the big day. Here are the most important last minute tips that will help you prepare and gain confidence. Of course, some of the points in this list might already be covered by you and your bridal party, so skip them and check the next tip. This is just a quick way for the bride and groom-to-be to find out if they’re ready for their wedding day.

Spanish wedding shirt avaBrides have a lot more options of beautiful and fancy wedding attire than grooms – wedding gowns, corsets, gloves, wedding jewelry and hair jewelry, different accessories, etc. But it doesn’t mean men can’t look deliciously elegant on the wedding day. Here is an example of a vintage groom’s shirt from mid-19th-century Spain, and it’s so ornate and spectacular! Just look at this delicate embroidery that covers the shirt.

Sri Lankan men avaSri Lankan grooms, especially those of high status, dress magnificently for their wedding. They wear a so-called “Nilame Costume” that looks really extraordinarily. Originally, it was a royal traditional outfit, but today, anyone in Sri Lanka can wear it for a wedding. You don’t even have to custom-make one, just use rental Nilame Attire. Such clothes for the groom are unique and typical only for Sri Lanka. Often, you can see Nilame on the groom, his groomsmen, the ring boy, and some other significant members of the bridal party.

Henna avaArab weddings are always fancy, expensive, and cheerful. Huge celebrations with hundreds of wedding guests and spectacular activities. But also, most Arab countries value their wedding traditions highly and incorporate centuries-old customs in their modern weddings. That’s why we can still see traditional Arab dances, like stick dance or sword dance, traditional wedding outfits, henna-painted bride’s hands and feet, cake cutting ritual using a sword, and many other Arab wedding traditions that have been in use for several generations of people. Let’s take a closer look at these wedding rituals and traditions.

Honeymoon avaA lot of couples are forced to delay or even forgo a honeymoon of their dream because of the expenses. Obviously, you’ve just spent thousands on the wedding – where can you get more money to pay for a perfect fancy honeymoon?! But there is an option, actually. Offer your wedding guests to use a honeymoon registry to pay for your trip. They can even choose activities or expenses they’re willing to cover. How cool is that?! Much better than racking their brain in search of a unique and useful wedding gift for you or buying a toaster.

Wedding jewelry avaIt’s no secret that women love jewelry, and what a better accessory for a blushing bride than a nice jewelry piece – whether it’s an elegant pearl necklace, a sparkling tiara with diamonds and Swarovski crystals, a heavy gold bracelet, statement earrings, an intriguing choker, or some other adornment of your choice. So, let’s look at the photos of beautiful brides from different corners of the world and note their wedding jewels. Maybe you’ll get some inspiration for your own wedding attire.

Wedding guests avaLate spring and summer are busy wedding season, so there’s a big possibility you’ll be invited as a guest to a wedding. This event is very important for any bride and groom, and you have to pay extra care about how you dress for a wedding (even someone else’s), especially if it’s a summer wedding. We’ve prepared a few useful tips about what you should wear as a wedding guest in the heat of the summer. These pieces of advice will be handy for men and women alike and help you show your respect to the newlyweds-to-be.