Honeymoon avaA lot of couples are forced to delay or even forgo a honeymoon of their dream because of the expenses. Obviously, you’ve just spent thousands on the wedding – where can you get more money to pay for a perfect fancy honeymoon?! But there is an option, actually. Offer your wedding guests to use a honeymoon registry to pay for your trip. They can even choose activities or expenses they’re willing to cover. How cool is that?! Much better than racking their brain in search of a unique and useful wedding gift for you or buying a toaster.

Wedding registries have become a lovely and handy trend in the wedding business. Although people are more used to traditional wedding registries where you leave a list of things you’d like to get as wedding presents, a few new options have arisen recently. For example, a donation registry, a registry for new business funding, or a honeymoon registry.

A honeymoon registry is a great way to ask your wedding guests to become sponsors for your honeymoon instead of giving you ordinary wedding presents. It’s an online tool, you show people your honeymoon wishlist in a registry and they choose which points they want to cover financially.

Would your wedding guests be comfortable with using a honeymoon registry?

Yeah, why not? Make it optional so that every person chooses for themselves if they want to give you a present they want or an envelope with money or donate for your honeymoon. It’s a rather new trend and some people, especially your elderly relatives, might not understand the importance of such a gift, but for others, it can become a fun game to pick various pieces of your honeymoon they pay for.

What can honeymoon registry wishlist include?

First of all, tell your guests in detail what kind of a honeymoon you plan – where you want to go, what activities you want to try, what sites you want to see, etc. Your contributors will understand better the importance of their wedding gift to you and what expenses are of the highest priority for you.


Honeymoon registry can give you the best honeymoon for free


In some cases, couples just ask their wedding guests to donate money for their honeymoon as a wedding gift, without any specifics. But it’s boring, don’t you think? Much more interesting is to list the main expenses and activities and ask your guests to pick the ones they would like to pay for. It’s more interactive, like they’re deciding whether you’ll have a diving experience of a yacht trip on your honeymoon. People feel more involved and are more eager to spend a hefty sum. And imagine them seeing your honeymoon photos and thinking, “Oh, it was me who paid for this wonderful evening for the newlyweds”.

If to talk more specific, a honeymoon registry wishlist may include:

  • hotel expenses
  • flight expenses
  • car rent expenses
  • romantic dinner for two in a nice local restaurant
  • yacht trip
  • romantic spa for two
  • hot air balloon flight
  • some kind of sports activity you’d like to try (kite boarding, extreme motorbike riding, skiing, diving, windsurfing, etc)
  • any other experience you can think of.

After the last few awful years, with Covid and restrictions and fears and closed spaces, a lot of people want to live life fullest, to travel, to experience something new and exciting. So, donating for someone’s honeymoon through a honeymoon registry is such a wonderful thing to do. Don’t be shy to let your wedding guests have this opportunity. Believe us when we say, most people will feel excited and honored to make your honeymoon unforgettable for you.

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