wedding waistcoat avaGroom’s formal wedding attire usually is a 3-piece suit, including a waistcoat. Waistcoats can make practically any male suit look more elegant, festive, and formal. Many grooms today choose to wear a waistcoat for their wedding. Luckily, there’s a huge variety of modern wedding vests available – in classic, retro, contemporary, traditional style, etc. But maybe you would like to wear a replica of an authentic 19th-century groom’s waistcoat? Here are a few charming examples of the 1800s wedding vests from The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

wedding reception avaSimple answer is No. You need somebody to coordinate your wedding, otherwise, you won’t have a single carefree minute during your wedding day. And the more guests you invite to the ceremony, the harder it is to organize them without a professional coordinator. But if you don’t have the money to hire one, you’ll have to go without anyway. So, here are a few pieces of advice for those couples who are going to coordinate their own wedding.

Korean wedding costume avaIn Korea, folk wedding clothing is very bright, colorful, and elaborately shaped. And we can say this about both male and female wedding outfits. Also, these costumes are interesting because they’re multilayered. The traditional headdresses of Korean newlyweds are cute and intricate as well – not all couples wear them but these headpieces add a lot of charm to the bride and groom, so the wedding look appears much better with a folk headdress.

Tunisian jebba avaIn Tunisia, many couples still choose to have a traditional wedding ceremony, with traditional wedding rituals and activities. It usually lasts up to a week and is a very cheerful, loud, and colorful event. A lot of rituals are centuries-old and occur in other countries of the Arab world as well. But the most impressive feature of a Tunisian wedding is that the bride is practically covered with gold jewelry – she wears so many gold jewels that you keep wondering how she manages to stand upright with such a weight.

Grooms attire tips avaIf you’ve read our previous article Groom’s wedding suit. What to wear for your wedding?, then you already know what costume to wear for the big day. But there are other issues in your wedding look that need your attention. No matter how small the details of your attire might be, they matter because you have to look your absolute best on this day. Here is a list of things you need to check and prepare in your groom’s look – from socks to pockets to hairstyle, etc. So, let’s start from the toes and move toward the head.

Scottish wedding avaIn Scotland, people can legally get married if the bride and groom are 16 or older. And the permission of parents isn’t needed, unlike in some other countries where young couples under 18 can’t be wed without official parents’ permission. But that’s by far not the only unique wedding custom in Scotland. So, what other peculiarities, traditions, and rituals does a Scottish wedding have? Let’s find out.

Grooms attire avaMost women start imagining their wedding day when they’re little girls. Often, they know exactly what wedding look they want to have – what dress to wear, what hairstyle to make, what makeup to do, what accessories use to complement the dress, etc. But men are a lot more practical and pragmatic, they don’t usually dream about their wedding day, so the issue of their wedding attire might seem confusing for them. What should the groom wear for the wedding? What style to choose? Should the suit be formal or can it be more casual? And does it really matter all that much, what you’ll wear – maybe you should let your bride shine and sparkle instead?

Crepe bridal gown avaThis 2021 year is still slow for the wedding business, but we’re moving toward the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. So, probably the second half of 2021 might be a lot more suitable for weddings. If you’re a bride on a low start waiting for the wedding of your dream to happen at last and still don’t have the perfect wedding dress, it’s high time to buy one. Here are the top-10 wedding dress trends we will see in 2021. Choose one of them and you’ll look wonderful on your wedding day.

Divorce avaWho knows more about saving a marriage and avoiding divorce than divorce lawyers. These people see the ugliest side of marriages and know a whole lot about quarrels and insults between husbands and wives. But also, they can give the best possible advice as to how to save your marriage and avoid divorce. What mistakes of a couple lead to divorce? How to choose the right partner so that you didn’t regret later marrying the wrong one? How to build your relationship strong and healthy?

Albanian wedding dress avaAlbanian bridal attire looks marvelous! It is so elegant and richly decorated with gold embroidery and lace – a truly regal attire. It’s no wonder modern Albanian brides often use traditional wedding ensembles for their wedding or for a less formal wedding reception or for the 2nd-3rd day of the wedding celebration. Every bride wants to show off her beauty and wealth in this costly and ornate outfit. In this post, we’ll share with you a few late-19th-century wedding ensembles of Albanian brides from museum collections.