Wedding rehearsal avaMost of us are invited to be a groomsman or bridesmaid at a wedding at some point when our close friends or family members get married. So the issue of what to wear for such an occasion is pretty common. In this post, we’re giving a few pieces of advice to those men who are preparing to be someone’s groomsmen. What should you wear? Do you have a say in this or you must blindly follow the bride and groom’s instructions? What clothing should be avoided and why? These tips regarding the groomsman attire will definitely be useful.

Listen to bride and groom’s suggestions

Usually, when the wedding is planned to be grand and formal or if it’s really important for the couple what their wedding party looks like, they give the bridesmaids and groomsmen some suggestions and tips about the attire. So, if you’ve been invited as a groomsman, listen to the couple’s suggestions and take them seriously. It’s better to ask questions or show them your future outfit, in case you’re not sure it has the right look. Some brides and grooms want their groomsmen to wear identical tuxes and look as alike as possible, others might give you the preferred suit color or ask to use the same accessories. There are also couples that don’t care at all what you wear and will give you full freedom in picking your outfit. But even if the attire isn’t so important for you, it might be for the couple, so try to do as you’re asked.

Don’t outshine the groom

When choosing your groomsman attire, make sure you don’t look better and fancier than the groom. Remember, it’s his day, and you’re here for him, to help and support him. The bride and groom should stand out among all the guests, including their bridal party. For the bride, it’s much easier to stand out because of her wedding gown, veil, and bouquet, but grooms don’t have those, so it’s sometimes even hard to tell which of the festive-looking men is the groom. Of course, the couple should think about it and pick a way for the groom to look different from his groomsmen. It can be another style or color of his suit, catchier accessories, a unique boutonniere, etc. But also, the groomsmen shouldn’t try too hard to look perfect and stylish so that you don’t outdo the groom.

Avoid cheap rental outfits

We’ve already talked about groomsmen trying too hard to look good for the wedding, but the opposite situation also isn’t proper. Many males think, why would I spend more than $100 for a tux I’ll wear just once. But cheap rental clothing not only might look awful but, most probably, will feel awful as well. Cheap fabrics are hot, itchy, not very comfortable to spend the whole day in, and look bad in the photos. And rental clothing is often too big or too small, the sleeves aren’t of the right length, etc. So, it’s totally ok to wear a rental groomsman attire, but it should be of better quality.


Best groomsman attire. Several tips for groomsmen


Also, think about buying or custom-making a suit for the wedding that you’ll be able to use afterwards. It should suit the requirements the couple gave you but be universal enough for you to actually use it as a regular suit.

Don’t wear a colored shirt

Some couples want their groomsmen to wear shirts that match the wedding theme color, but that’s a huge mistake. Such shirts never look good. If you can influence this decision, do it. If you’re free to wear any shirt you want, avoid colored shirts. It’s much better to use a tie, boutonniere, pocket square, or other accessories in the wedding color. The shirt should be white.

Visit to barbershop can be great pre-wedding experience

Some grooms or groomsmen organize a visit to a barbershop for the whole gang before the wedding. It can be a great chance to spend some time with the groom, relax a bit before the important event, and bond with your fellow groomsmen. Of course, you should think about the financial side – all participants should afford this or, sometimes, someone (often, the groom) pays for everybody. But after a barbershop, everybody will be well-groomed and ready for good wedding photos.

Should you influence the couple’s decisions regarding groomsmen attire?

Yes, you might do it, but it should be at the early stage of the wedding planning and in a gentle manner. For example, if the groom tells you that they plan for the groomsmen to wear colorful shirts, you can suggest that this is not the best idea and show him similar photos online. Or you can ask him if he’s sure they want this. But at the end of the day, it’s the couple’s right to make the choice, and if you’re unhappy with this choice, just deal with it and do as your friends ask you to. It’s their big day, accept it. And definitely don’t tell the bride and groom right before the wedding that the groomsmen outfits look awful – it will only upset them.

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