Wedding veil avaWhat can be more regal, romantic, and beautiful than a delicate wedding veil on a blushing bride? But the variety of veils and wedding hairstyles with a veil might confuse you a little. Should you have a cathedral veil or a birdcage veil, snow-white or colorful, sheer or made from ornate lace, etc? So, to better understand what kind of wedding look you prefer for your big day, have a peek at these wedding photos of brides in different veils. Perhaps, they will help you pick your own bridal veil style and hairdo for the wedding.

Peonies avaWedding flower trends don’t usually change too quickly. There are some staple, classic types of florals that are used at weddings for years, decades, centuries. Other flowers come and go, appearing in wedding décor only for short periods of time. If you’re planning your wedding for the year 2022, you should know what flowers will be the most trendy and which of them can better endure the wedding day conditions so that you could make an educated decision as to what florals to pick for your big day.

wedding avaMost Romanians are very religious people, so many couples have traditional church wedding ceremonies, with all the must-have wedding rituals. We’ve gathered for you the top-10 true facts about Romanian religious marriage ceremonies. As always, the godparents play a significant role in the ceremony – they’re the second most important people at any wedding in Romania. But what else should you know about a Romanian church wedding?

wedding photo ideas avaThe wedding photos are so very important for every couple. How else would we be able to remember every little detail of the big day and enjoy our memories years and years after the wedding? How else would our grandkids or maybe even several times great grandkids see us young and in love on probably one of the happiest days of our life? So, you can skip a grand wedding dinner or lush wedding décor, etc, but don’t deny yourself a good wedding photographer that will catch and hold the moment for you. And the more talented and inventive the photographer is, the better pics you get. Here are some ideas that might inspire you.

wedding stress avaMany wedding experts predict an extremely high wedding activity in 2022. After two years of crisis and stagnation, the wedding business comes to life – about 2.5 million weddings are planned for 2022 only in the US. So, a lot of people scream, Book your vendors asap, or Give vendors huge deposits to secure your date, etc. But is the situation really that bad? Should you grab wedding vendors like your life depends on it? Let’s try to figure out the optimal wedding planning route for 2022.

Fish avaSome of the Bangladeshi wedding traditions and rituals are especially interesting, so you definitely have to learn about them. For instance, have you ever heard about fresh fish dressed in traditional costumes? Or about cow carriages for the newlyweds? Bangladesh is a wonderful country with truly fun wedding activities and a great sense of humor. Here are the top-5 most curious Bangladeshi wedding traditions.

Wedding soon avaThe wedding planning issues we mention in this article are very important, so we advise you to not delay them until much later than 1 month before the wedding. Remember that the last 2-3 weeks are probably the most chaotic and stressful because you have a lot on your mind and a lot of tasks on your shoulders. Of course, you don’t have to follow our advice to the letter, but there is a reason why we suggest this. If you do everything on time and properly, you’ll avoid at least some of the stress. So, here’s what you should do when your wedding is 4 weeks away?

Bridal shower gift avaIf you’re invited to a bridal shower, do you go there empty-handed? Probably not. But what present should you get, how much should it cost, and why should you even bother if you already have a wedding gift for the couple? We’re here to help you understand the bridal shower gift etiquette and the difference between a wedding gift and a bridal shower gift. Don’t worry, the last one won’t cost you as much as the wedding present.

dowry chest avaTraditionally, every Ukrainian bride had a dowry chest with her treasures. She gathered these things during all her youth, and before that, her mother gathered them practically from the moment of her daughter’s birth. Why did they need so many years to prepare the dowry? And what items did it include? In the 19th century, such dowry chests or hope chests were not just storage places but very important furniture. Why?

Wedding table décor avaThere are so many ways of decorating your wedding reception hall and the wedding tables. And there somewhere is just the perfect wedding table décor idea for you. You only have to find it. And to help you do that, here are a few suggestions. Maybe one of these wedding table installations will inspire you to create a magical place for your wedding guests.