wedding dance avaA lot of people prepare so hard for their first wedding dance. Some couples even hire a professional choreographer to create the composition and take dance classes for months before the wedding. But all of us have probably seen a bad wedding dance that makes you feel not very comfortable watching it, no matter how hard the bride and groom are trying and how much practice they had. If you don’t want that to happen to you, read the few tips we suggest you need to know about your first wedding dance. They are so simple but can be of huge help.

Bridal party avaAt a Romanian wedding, the second most important couple aren’t the parents of the bride and groom but the godparents chosen by the marrying couple themselves. These married man and woman have plenty of responsibilities and participate in a number of wedding rituals. But they’re not the only ones with significant duties on the day of the wedding. The bridal party members help the bride and groom a lot and their support is important. But how do these people divide the responsibilities? Who does what at the wedding?

Bouquet9 avaIf you’re planning your wedding, we’re practically sure you already have a Pinterest board with wedding photos that inspire you. But there are never too many beautiful and romantic pics to give you inspiration. So, here are a few fancy wedding bouquets we consider worthy of your attention. Maybe you would like to incorporate some of these ideas into your own bridal bouquet. Or if you’re already married, who knows, maybe you’ll recognize your own bouquet in one of these floral arrangements.

Off shoulder wedding dressWhen you’ll come to a wedding dress store, the shop assistant will ask you some questions to find out what bridal gowns to offer you. So, you should already know the answers or at least have some idea of what dress you want for the big day. Facing dozens of sparkly and exquisite wedding gowns, you might get confused as to which to choose. That’s why before going to the store, try to narrow down the possible options and set some focal points. We’ll help with that.

Crying avaLearning about different wedding superstitions around the world is fun. The superstitions tell us a lot about the culture of a certain country. For example, Romanians are happy to find a spider in the creases of a wedding dress because it’s for good luck – who else would be pleased with such a find?! And to see another bride on your wedding day is bad luck. There are many other interesting and surprising wedding superstitions in Romania.

Marriage necklace avaIndian brides receive a very beautiful, costly, and meaningful wedding present from their grooms. It is a special marriage necklace, usually made from solid gold. But this is not merely an expensive jewelry piece, but a talisman that is believed to ward off the evil eye, bring good luck and prosperity, and even normalize her blood pressure. Although, I think any woman’s blood pressure and mood would improve if she got such lovely jewelry as a gift of love!

Backyard wedding avaEvery year, new and new wedding trends appear and gain popularity. Some of them are ridiculous and go out of fashion quickly, others stay for several years in a row. In our estimation, the wedding trends 2021-2022 we’re talking about in this post will be with us for a while because they’re great. And the best thing about these wedding trends is that they are available for both a fancy grand wedding and a budget wedding. You can easily incorporate them into your wedding and be a trendsetter among your friends.

Indian bride avaIn India, the most popular wedding attire for a bride is a red sari, a traditional Indian outfit but extremely ornate and bejeweled. This wedding dress is among the most feminine, richly decorated, and expensive outfits on the whole planet. Just look at these bright red Indian bridal sarees, delicate wedding veils, numerous jewelry pieces worn by young brides, and intricate henna drawings on their bodies. They all are in the same style but each look is different and unique only for this woman. And their jewelry is to kill for.

Wedding makeup avaYour wedding morning will start really early, and there are so many things you need to do during these several hours of wedding prep. Remember that the morning of your wedding will probably be the most stressful and nervous time of the day, so it’s very important to follow some rules that will help you cope with these challenging hours. We’ve gathered top-5 most useful tips for your wedding morning – 5 don’ts you need to remember.

Zimbabwean wedding avaZimbabwean wedding culture is rather interesting. There are certain issues that are typical for Zimbabwe and some neighboring countries but seem odd for European, Asian, or American people. For example, Zimbabweans are allowed polygyny but not polyandry, which means that men can have multiple wives but women are forbidden to have multiple husbands. What other unusual wedding traditions and customs are there in Zimbabwe?