Calendar avaA lot of couples have a small wedding budget – it’s fine, don’t be embarrassed or upset about it. You’ll just need to spend the money wisely. And our job is to help you with that. This time, we offer you a few truly useful tips as to how to save money on wedding vendors and wedding venue. When to book them to get the best price? How to negotiate with vendors and venue? Does your wedding date influence the prices? Read this post and go for a wonderful but budget-friendly wedding.

blackwhite photo avaWe’re so used to modern technology being at our full disposal that wedding photos and even videos are something natural and habitual for us. Could you imagine your wedding without photographers, wedding photo albums, and all these hundreds of pictures to remind you about the happy event? People lived like that for centuries. Only the royalty and high-status people could afford to make a portrait of them with their spouse on the wedding day. So, when photography was invented, people rushed to use it, especially the newlyweds. Here are several lovely photos of brides and grooms made in the late 19th century, though you can hardly call them romantic.

New Zealand avaModern New Zealand couples follow Western-style rules and traditions when they get engaged and married. But in the past, there were specific engagement customs in New Zealand. And the main rule was to get the blessing and permission for the wedding from the tribal elders. Unless you were allowed to wed, there could be no marriage. What else engagement traditions can we find in New Zealand? Were there arranged marriages? And what unique engagement customs or rituals are in this country today?

Round wedding bouquet avaA wedding bouquet is one of the main and loveliest accessories of every bride. It’s a bright accent that stands out against her white wedding gown and veil, so the bouquet always attracts everyone’s attention. Often, it’s the first thing people see when looking at the blushing bride. And you should be very careful to choose the right bridal bouquet that will complement your look and will be comfortable to carry around, as it will accompany you the whole day long. There are many existing types of wedding bouquets to choose from, here are a few most popular styles.

Photographer avaYou can get a really nice offer from wedding vendors if you know how to communicate with them – how to ask for a discount, what and when to say, how to determine a vendor who is ready to bargain, etc. The wedding planners, coordinators, and other people from the wedding business are good at negotiating with vendors, but what to do if you’re just an ordinary couple and have no experience in such matters? Then, this article is for you.

Garden style wedding bouquet avaThis type of wedding bouquet is the never-dying classic. It will probably never be out of fashion. A lot of brides today choose garden-style wedding bouquets for their big day. That’s because such a wedding bouquet looks natural, feminine, boho, and lovely in its simplicity. The flower arrangement is very simply created, with no foam holders, no wire, no fancy beads or pearls – nothing except for the flowers, greenery, and a few ribbons or rubber bands to hold everything together. A fluffy garden-style wedding bouquet can be a charming accent for any bride.

Tunisian lingerie avaBridal lingerie can be so different. Some underwear pieces are sexy, others are delicate and meant to represent purity and virginity, still others are intricate and complicated in design. Every bride is able to pick whatever she likes and feels comfortable in. Traditional and historical underpinnings are another matter entirely – their design and decorations should be certain, sometimes strictly set. The traditional Tunisian below-the-knee pantaloons probably wouldn’t be considered seductive or tempting by most modern European men. But for modest and conservative Tunisians, such bridal lingerie peeking from under the wedding attire was truly captivating.

wedding first look avaSome couples prefer to see each other for the first time in wedding attire at the wedding aisle and experience that wow-effect. Others want to drive to the church or venue together, supporting each other and sharing every moment of their special day. Both options are totally fine, choose whatever you feel right. Another possible variant is to get to the venue separately and have the wedding first look there even before the ceremony begins. It’s truly romantic to have a few minutes together and share your excitement minutes before one of the most important and fateful events in your life. So, should you have the first look?

Native American costumes ava2The Native American tribes had rather unique wedding traditions and lifestyle, in general. That’s why first European settlers couldn’t understand the Native American culture and people for a long time. They simply had too many differences. For example, the Native American people were matrilineal, so there were no dowry and no father giving away his daughter – women weren’t a possession. Divorce was a normal thing among the Native Americans, initiated by wives – all they had to do was put the husband’s belongings out of their home. These are just a few Native American marriage traditions, there are many more.

engagement ring avaDespite the Covid-19 pandemic, people still get married and get engaged in 2021. Most countries already feel optimistic about the future, and soon, we’ll hopefully return to an almost normal life. So, it’s the perfect time to pop the question to your honey. Thus, some grooms or even couples started to look for the right engagement ring for them. And they often ask whether they should buy an engagement ring with a natural diamond or with a lab grown diamond. Is there a crucial difference in the look or quality? Which is better? What’s the difference in price?