wedding flowers avaThe years 2021-2022 are hard for the flower business, so we might have some issues with wedding florals in the near future. But there are ways of coping with them you probably haven’t even thought about. We offer you the top-5 useful tips and tricks that will help you avoid any wedding flowers drama. Pick the right florals for your wedding and you’ll forget about any problems or the shortage. Be smart about your wedding flower choice, be flexible, and trust your vendor.

#1 Don’t get fixated on certain flower

Some couples get so fixated on a single flower variety as their main wedding floral that the situation gets awfully dramatic if they can’t get it. And this can easily happen – we often see delivery problems these days (you know, 80% of flowers sold in the US are grown in South America). You should be ready for a change of plans if your florist or flower shop can’t get you the flowers you’ve planned on. In this case, they might suggest you use available florals instead, maybe even a more affordable replacement that will look very similar. Don’t panic and try to be flexible – it’ll protect your nerves.

#2 Use local and seasonal flowers

It’s always safer to pick those wedding florals available in your area at the time of your wedding. Not only they’re cheaper but you also won’t have problems transporting your wedding flowers from some distant location. So, before picking flowers for your wedding décor, consult with a florist or flower stores in your town or city and choose the optimal option.

#3 Think about choosing wedding flowers that aren’t the most popular

Wedding florists and flower companies in America talk about a shortage of flowers delivered to the US from abroad where the plants are grown. A number of reasons – from strikes to weather conditions to lack of shipping containers, etc – caused this shortage. So, if there’s no particular flower type that you have to have at your wedding, consider opting for less popular florals. You’ll have better chances to get them than those flowers everybody wants. Besides, some flower varieties aren’t as trendy just because some expert said, hey, calla lilies are the vogue this season (or roses, or orchids, etc). And voila, every couple wants them. Not because they’re better or more durable, just more fashionable at the moment. So, it’s totally fine to opt for less popular flowers if they’ve captured your heart.

#4 Always order extra

Flowers are fragile – that’s a fact. Be prepared for some of the florals you ordered to get to your wedding location damaged. Usually, it’s not the flower company’s fault or the florist’s fault. It’s just the reality of working with fresh flowers. Some stores already add, say, 5% extra, but some do not. When ordering your wedding florals, ask if they do and make sure you have extra flowers in case some of them die or stems break or whatever. Don’t count on every flower being in perfect condition.

#5 Can’t afford fancy flower décor? Focus on your wedding bouquet

If your wedding budget is far from huge and you simply can’t afford to pay for all those fancy wedding flower installations, arches, exotic table centerpieces, and so on, don’t get upset. Just pay more attention to your wedding bouquet and maybe spend more on it – make sure it’s perfect and you love it. Believe us, you won’t spend too much time observing your wedding décor but you’ll carry your bouquet all day long, so you better adore it.

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