wedding bouquete3 avaDIY wedding florals – sounds cool, isn’t it? But are you ready to spend a whole lot of your time and effort to create your wedding flower arrangements with your own hands? Think very carefully before getting yourself involved in this interesting but not-so-easy activity. You have to know all of the pros and cons. For some people, DIY florals are a perfect way to save money, others prefer to hire a professional wedding florist and leave all the work to them. Which option is the best for you? This article will hopefully help you decide.

wedding cup3 avaDuring Swedish, Finnish, Sami weddings, special wedding rituals were traditionally performed – the bride and groom drank from a single vessel, usually wooden and rather ornate, to celebrate their union. This ritual is at least several centuries old. To prove that, we can find these wedding cups in various Scandinavian museums. Today, the newlyweds drink champagne from delicate glass flutes, in the past, people used intricately-carved wooden cups. Like the one we’d like to show you below.

Fashion show1 avaCrimean Tatars are a small ethnic group originating from the Crimean Peninsula (Europe, the northern coast of the Black Sea). They’re mostly Muslim, but their wedding traditions are a bit different from those in other Muslim countries. The Islamic rules in the Crimean Tatar culture are somewhat less strict. For example, a Crimean Tatar girl has a say in the engagement, her father can suggest or advise a husband for her, but only the girl decides whether she wants to marry him or not. Also, Crimean Tatar traditional weddings are very beautiful and spectacular events because of the traditional costumes used by the bride and groom.

Beautiful wedding avaWhen you’re starting your wedding planning with a budget below $10k, it might be a real challenge. A lot of couples can’t afford a wedding planner, so they’re stressed because they don’t know what to do, in what order, how to find budget-friendly vendors, and so on. If you’re one of them, we’re here to help you out. In this post, we’ll do our best to find the most useful and convenient free online wedding planning resources for those couples whose wedding budget is less than $30,000 or even less than $5,000. It’s totally possible to have a beautiful and memorable wedding for just a couple thousand dollars.

Pakistan avaIn some countries, traditions are stronger than in others, including wedding traditions. So, even in the 21st century, many couples choose to have a traditional wedding ceremony and follow centuries-old rules and customs. And that’s great because a traditional wedding can be truly spectacular and beautiful, and wedding photos are marvelous. But still, we’re living in the 2020s, so a lot of people have a dilemma – to have a traditional or modern Western-style wedding? How to combine old traditions and a contemporary lifestyle? Or how to combine traditions of two different cultures if the bride and groom are of different origins?

Native American avaIndigenous Native American tribes have a very spiritual and rich traditional culture. There is a number of customs and rituals used in various situations. If to talk about the traditional Native American wedding, a few rituals are the most common and favored by the locals. Of course, different tribes that lived in different conditions and on different territories had their own wedding traditions and ceremonies, but these two wedding rituals – the wedding vessel ritual and the wedding blanket ritual – occur in many indigenous Native American communities even today.

wedding videography avaPractically all married couples have at least one wedding photo. We’re all used to the fact that a wedding photographer is a must if you want to save your memories about the wedding. But what about a wedding videographer? This is a comparatively new trend and not everybody can figure out if they need to pay a few extra thousands for a wedding video when they are already going to have the photos. Let’s see what a wedding videographer can give you and whether you need one for your ceremony.

bridal crown avaWe’ve already published posts about Swedish and Norwegian traditional bridal crowns. Most often, they were gold, silver, or gold-plated and very intricately made. But what if a woman couldn’t afford such an expensive ceremonial jewelry item? Did she just go down the aisle without a crown? You would be surprised about how inventive and skilled were Swedish brides and what materials they used to create wedding crowns for their bridal attire. Glass, thread, metal, birch root, and even straw. And such bridal crowns were almost as elaborate as gold ones.

wedding guests avaMost couples care about their wedding guests and want to make the wedding day as comfortable to the guests as possible. Because we invite our most beloved and important people to share this happy day with them. So, what can you do to make your wedding day easier and comfier for your guests? Of course, you and your honey are the heroes of the wedding, but people who come to support you and celebrate with you also matter a lot. Here are a few significant things you can do for them, because happy guests create the best wedding atmosphere.

Ethiopian couple avaIn Ethiopia, there are some rather strict rules regarding marriage, and they are followed even these days. For example, a bride should be a virgin and the couple has to consummate their marriage within three days after the wedding. Ethiopians take marriage very seriously. They pay special attention to avoiding incest – specific research is made as far as 5 generations back to make sure the potential bride and groom have no blood relation. Not many countries take so serious measures to protect the healthiness of future generations.