Crepe bridal gown avaThis 2021 year is still slow for the wedding business, but we’re moving toward the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. So, probably the second half of 2021 might be a lot more suitable for weddings. If you’re a bride on a low start waiting for the wedding of your dream to happen at last and still don’t have the perfect wedding dress, it’s high time to buy one. Here are the top-10 wedding dress trends we will see in 2021. Choose one of them and you’ll look wonderful on your wedding day.

Divorce avaWho knows more about saving a marriage and avoiding divorce than divorce lawyers. These people see the ugliest side of marriages and know a whole lot about quarrels and insults between husbands and wives. But also, they can give the best possible advice as to how to save your marriage and avoid divorce. What mistakes of a couple lead to divorce? How to choose the right partner so that you didn’t regret later marrying the wrong one? How to build your relationship strong and healthy?

Albanian wedding dress avaAlbanian bridal attire looks marvelous! It is so elegant and richly decorated with gold embroidery and lace – a truly regal attire. It’s no wonder modern Albanian brides often use traditional wedding ensembles for their wedding or for a less formal wedding reception or for the 2nd-3rd day of the wedding celebration. Every bride wants to show off her beauty and wealth in this costly and ornate outfit. In this post, we’ll share with you a few late-19th-century wedding ensembles of Albanian brides from museum collections.

Groom hairstyle avaA bride can do plenty of things to look wonderful on her wedding day – fancy wedding dress and shoes, intricate hairstyle, makeup, sparkly jewelry, etc. But grooms have only a few options available – a nice suit (in most cases, it’s something classic), costly shoes and watch, and a stylish haircut. So, hair means a lot if you’re a groom preparing for your wedding, just as facial hair does. We’ve determined the 8 most chic and handsome male hairstyles for a wedding. Choose one of them according to the length of your hair and stay assured that you’ll look irresistible on your wedding day.

Navajo avaIn the wedding tradition of Navajo Native Americans, there were several interesting and very important issues to be followed. Today, most of them are left in the past, so when a modern Native American couple gets married – even if it’s a traditional wedding ceremony – these rules are mostly left out, while the spiritual rituals and traditional activities are still performed. Such things as arranged marriages or marriages at a very young age, etc rarely occur these days. Centuries ago, there was a reason for these wedding traditions, but we can easily go without them now.

Egypt bridal veil avaIt is said that modern Egypt still is the trendsetter of the Arab world regarding the culture, like its predecessor – Ancient Egypt – was for its neighbors. Among other areas, Egypt creates trends in the wedding business and wedding customs. Even the shape of a standard wedding ring comes from Ancient Egyptian culture. But what unique Egyptian wedding traditions are there? What laws and rituals should a couple from Egypt follow these days?

Vintage wedding shoes avaIn the 19th century, brides of the Western world didn’t have as large an assortment of wedding shoes as we do now. Even the most discerning fashionista had to pick or order custom-made footwear from the available styles and designs. But this doesn’t mean that 19th-century bridal shoes were boring or ugly. They weren’t as fancy as contemporary wedding heels, but they were charming and delicate and made with love. Here are several cutest and most trendy vintage bridal shoes from the 1800s stored and exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

wedding avaWhen you’re starting to plan your wedding, the mass of information you need to research and take in might overwhelm you. But don’t worry, we’ve prepared 10 short and clear tips that will help you a lot and won’t take much of your time reading and picking scraps of advice out of long and complicated texts or videos. We’ve already done that for you. So, get ready to make notes)).

Native American2 avaThe Wampanoag people, being Native American, have a lot of nice wedding traditions. All Native Americans are rather spiritual people, their rituals (not only wedding rituals but any other ceremonial activities) are deeply meaningful and symbolic. It’s fun to compare modern Western-style wedding traditions and centuries-old Wampanoag wedding traditions. Sometimes, they’re even the opposite.

wedding color avaThe favorite color is such an individual thing. And you’re welcome to use any color palette you like for your wedding, no one will judge you simply because your wedding colors are not the vogue this season. But if wedding trends are important for you and you would prefer to know what is fashionable right now and what isn’t, this post might be useful for you. Let’s talk about trendy color palettes in 2021. Besides, wedding experts say that it is highly possible the same colors will stay fashionable even in 2022.