Crying avaLearning about different wedding superstitions around the world is fun. The superstitions tell us a lot about the culture of a certain country. For example, Romanians are happy to find a spider in the creases of a wedding dress because it’s for good luck – who else would be pleased with such a find?! And to see another bride on your wedding day is bad luck. There are many other interesting and surprising wedding superstitions in Romania.

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Rain on the wedding day

If it’s raining on the wedding day, the marriage is considered blessed by god. So, definitely a good sign.

No weddings during fasting

Romanians traditionally don’t have weddings on fast days. This period is all about abstinence, so grand wedding celebrations aren’t allowed. Although, modern couples don’t always follow this rule, so it’s totally possible to have a wedding during the fasting season.

Spider in the creases of wedding dress

That’s rather unusual, but Romanians consider it a good luck sign to find a spider somewhere in the pleats of a wedding gown. In many cultures, spiders are believed to bring wealth and harmony to a home, so Romanians also respect this insect.

Never drop wedding rings

This is a very bad omen. If the wedding rings are dropped by the bride and groom or the bridal party, people consider it a sign of certain death for one of the couple of both.

Bride crying before wedding

Romanian brides often cry before the wedding. It is believed that if she cries before the ceremony, she will be happy in marriage. Like, you know, when people say, if you laugh too much, you’ll certainly cry later, and vice versa. This superstition is not unique for Romania, it is rather widespread.


Romanian wedding superstition - bride crying before wedding


Sneezing relatives

Another good sign at a Romanian wedding is when someone among the relatives of the bride or the groom sneezes right before the wedding ceremony. But it has to be a true sneeze, not a fake one.

Bride and mirrors

On the wedding day, no woman is allowed to stand between the bride and a mirror. People believe it to be a bad sign – the other woman might “steal the groom’s heart”. So, if you’re attending a Romanian wedding, stay away from the mirrors when you’re near the bride.


Romanian wedding superstition - bride and mirrors


Bride shouldn’t see another bride

This superstition is a bit old-fashioned if you ask me. It is considered bad luck for the bride to see another bride on her wedding day. But how can you avoid that when you live in a big city, where weddings happen every day?

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