Bridal party avaAt a Romanian wedding, the second most important couple aren’t the parents of the bride and groom but the godparents chosen by the marrying couple themselves. These married man and woman have plenty of responsibilities and participate in a number of wedding rituals. But they’re not the only ones with significant duties on the day of the wedding. The bridal party members help the bride and groom a lot and their support is important. But how do these people divide the responsibilities? Who does what at the wedding?

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In Romania, the bridal party may include:

  • bride and groom’s parents;
  • specifically picked godfather and godmother;
  • best man;
  • maid of honor;
  • bridesmaids and groomsmen;
  • matchmaker.

Sometimes, other members are included. But such positions as a flower girl or ring bearer are rare.

Responsibilities of godparents

There is a number of wedding rituals in Romania where godparents participate, a lot more than the actual parents of the bride and groom. The godparents are the second most important couple at a wedding. Every Romanian couple chooses a pair of godparents for their wedding before the big day. It should be a happily married man and woman who can give the bride and groom a piece of advice or help with any issues regarding the wedding. Often, these people are relatives, or sometimes just good friends. And usually, the godparents are older than the bride and groom.

The godparents buy such significant wedding accessories as the bridal veil, the groom’s boutonniere, the candles for the marriage ceremony, etc.
In some countries around the world, the godparents might also buy the wedding attire for the couple or even pay for the wedding, but in Romania, they normally don’t.

At a wedding, you can distinguish the godparents from other guests by the embroidered ceremonial towels tied diagonally over their bodies. The bride and groom present their godparents with these towels as a sign of respect. Originally, these towels were hand-embroidered by the bride, and even today, they sometimes are.

On the day of the wedding, the groom and his procession go to the godparents’ house at first, and then to the bride’s home. The groom gets support from his godparents on this exciting and emotional day.

The godmother has another important responsibility – she breaks the traditional wedding bread called “colacul miresei” in Romania. The bread is divided on top of the bride’s head for the couple to have a wealthy and happy life, and then the godmother gives piece of this bread to everyone present.

After the wedding bread sharing, the bridal party performs folk dances with the bride and groom. And the godparents dance along with everybody.

Another godparents’ responsibility – a rather fun one – we can see during the wedding reception. The main chef performs a so-called “dansul gainii” or “chicken dance” with a roasted chicken in front of the newlyweds and their godparents. The dance continuous until the godfather pays the chef.

Responsibilities of parents

The couple’s parents are mostly left alone during the wedding day to be happy for their children and celebrate. Before the wedding ceremony starts, the parents are supposed to bless the bride and groom and wish them happiness in marriage. After that, they just are there for their children, give toasts, and get emotional because of such a grand occasion.

Responsibilities of best man and maid of honor

The couple also picks their maid of honor and best man. They help at the wedding a lot and have a number of responsibilities.


Responsibilities of Romanian bridal party


For example, the best man takes part in a special ritual of shaving the groom – this ritual symbolizes the man’s transition from childhood to adulthood. It’s usually the best man who does the shaving with a razor.

And the maid of honor assists the bride with her veil, helps to arrange it and makes sure it looks good throughout the day. The bride also asks this girl or woman any small favors and assignments during the wedding day.

Responsibilities of bridesmaids

Sometimes, bridesmaids and groomsmen are chosen, but it’s not obligatory at a Romanian wedding. The couple might not have them, only the best man and the maid of honor. If there are bridesmaids, their job at the wedding is to pin decorative white wedding flowers to the clothes of the bridal party. They do it while everybody dances a special wedding dance called “hora miresei”. Also, they support the bride throughout the day.

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