Wedding makeup avaYour wedding morning will start really early, and there are so many things you need to do during these several hours of wedding prep. Remember that the morning of your wedding will probably be the most stressful and nervous time of the day, so it’s very important to follow some rules that will help you cope with these challenging hours. We’ve gathered top-5 most useful tips for your wedding morning – 5 don’ts you need to remember.


Don’t try new makeup and skincare products

Never apply anything new to your face on your wedding morning. All the makeup, moisturizers, foundation, hairsprays, and etc have to be tested on your skin in advance. Because if you suddenly have a reaction to their components and your face turns red and irritated or you start sneezing uncontrollably – that’s a disaster for a bride. Stick to those skincare products and makeup items your skin is familiar with. Especially if you’re allergic.


Don’t try new makeup and skincare products on wedding morning


This is another reason to have a try-out with your wedding makeup artist before the big day. You’ll see whether the look suits you and whether your skin feels ok with these particular products.


Don’t overschedule your wedding morning

Try to leave as few things as possible for the morning of your wedding. So, do everything you can beforehand. For example, you can do a mani-pedi a day or two before the big day. And there is prep you can do the evening before your wedding day. Your wedding morning will be too busy and overwhelming without a ton of little things that need to be done.


Don’t try to do everything by yourself

Be ready to delegate tasks to other people or ask them for help. If you will try to do all the prep by your lone self, it will only add more stress and take all of your time. You should savor this day, feel happy and contented because the wedding day is a truly unique day in your life. To do that, you need to involve other people in your wedding prep, particularly your bridal party, closest friends, siblings, etc. Let them help you, let them feel important and useful.


Don’t overeat and overdrink, but don’t starve yourself either

While preparing for the wedding, keep yourself hydrated and eat something light. Don’t have too many alcoholic cocktails, even if they’re just mimosas or appletinis. You’ll be able to have a drink later at the wedding reception, so don’t start early – you want to look fresh and healthy in your wedding photos. Also, don’t have too many coffees – they might add stress and anxiety to the already nervous morning.


Don’t overeat and overdrink on your wedding morning


At the same time, eat only something light and healthy for your stomach to feel comfortable and sated but not overstuffed. And never starve yourself on the morning of your wedding. Some brides forget to eat or are too busy, so later, they faint or look tired and weak. It’s never a good idea to skip breakfast and lunch on your wedding morning.


Don’t forget an emergency kit

Before the wedding day, create an emergency kit for this important day. Make a list of everything you might need, get it, and stuff it into a separate bag. This bag is one of the most useful items for the wedding day. It can include safety pins, medicines, fashion tape, small sewing kit, something to remove or hide stains on your wedding dress, wipes, bobby pins and other hair accessories, tampons or pads, clear nail polish, dental floss (or the whole kit – travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste), nail file, deodorant, small mirror, some kind of healthy snack, and anything you personally consider useful. Having such a kit, you’ll be able to cope with any problems that come your way.

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