Backyard wedding avaEvery year, new and new wedding trends appear and gain popularity. Some of them are ridiculous and go out of fashion quickly, others stay for several years in a row. In our estimation, the wedding trends 2021-2022 we’re talking about in this post will be with us for a while because they’re great. And the best thing about these wedding trends is that they are available for both a fancy grand wedding and a budget wedding. You can easily incorporate them into your wedding and be a trendsetter among your friends.

Wedding trend #1

Home weddings

Due to the Covid-19 and its restrictions, a lot of couples have their wedding at home, with just the closest family and friends. Some even manage to organize a grand wedding at home – but, obviously, you need a large home to do that. Still, backyard weddings or weddings near a pool are more affordable and convenient. If you have a big backyard, think about using it for your wedding. You’ll save a lot – booking a wedding venue (only the building, without any catering or décor or rental stuff) takes about 20% of your wedding budget. Also, for some brides, it’s less stressful when they can get ready for the ceremony in their own home. And you can decorate your house and yard the way you want, without asking the wedding venue manager for permission (for example, some venues don’t allow to use candles without cases, etc). You can have a really fancy and well-organized home wedding, and people are starting to understand that, so home weddings will be trendy for yet another year or even more.

Wedding trend #2

Wedding floor wraps

The floor wraps become more and more popular these days, especially at grand weddings. American couples order floor wraps for their dance floors, wedding reception halls – they mostly work for large luxurious spaces. The main image on the floor wraps is usually the initials or names of the bride and groom, but lovely intricate patterns are also added to make the floor wrap look ornate and stylish.

Wedding trend #3

Fancy bridal robes for the wedding morning

This is another new wedding trend, and it’s glamorous and great. The bride dresses in a beautiful wedding robe while she’s preparing for the wedding ceremony. This robe is worn on the morning of the wedding day, so the photos and videos from the wedding morning prep look chic and sexy. You can purchase or custom-make your bridal robe in any style you like. And it really makes you feel beautiful and special even before you put your wedding dress on.

Wedding trend #4

Ending the wedding at midnight

Usually, weddings used to last longer, some people like to party until morning, so couples just made their grand exit and left the guests to celebrate. But recently, more and more weddings have been ending at midnight. Experience says, most of the guests are ready to go home at midnight or soon after that. And this pandemic taught a lot of people to value their home and family, so they are becoming homebirds. That’s why this trend arose and is becoming popular.

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