Wedding signs avaIt’s up to you whether to have wedding signs or not. You can choose just a few absolutely necessary ones or use many cute signs that will make your wedding décor lovelier and more interesting. But you need to decide what signs will work for you. And we can help you with that. Particularly, we’ll talk about parking signs, welcome sign, program sign, directional signs, reserved seating signs, unplugged wedding sign, gifts&cards sign, and seating chart signs.

When do you absolutely need wedding signs? If your wedding location is confusing and you’re not sure whether your guests will find everything they need quickly, then you definitely need at least some signs. For example, your wedding venue is situated on a vast piece of land and you don’t want your guests to keep wandering around for miles until they find the parking lot or the wedding tent. Or there are several weddings at the same venue and you have to let your guests know which location is yours.

But if everything at your location is simple and intuitive, don’t bother to spend money on unnecessary signs. Unless you love wedding signs and have always wanted to have them.


Should you have wedding signs at your wedding location


What wedding signs are most popular? These are parking signs, reserved seating signs, gifts&cards sign, directional signs, seating chart signs, unplugged wedding sign, welcome sign, program sign, etc.

Parking signs

Wedding venues usually already have their own signs to indicate where the parking lot is located. But if the place is large or there are several turns of the road, you might want to add a few parking signs. Again, only if you consider it necessary. Parking signs are useful for you because they help your guests arrive at the wedding location in time and not annoyed to the point of double facepalm after backtracking several times because they couldn’t determine the right route.

Also, if your wedding location is in the wild, far from civilization, then it’s a good choice to put some signs to let people know where to go. This usually applies to beach weddings, farm weddings, weddings in a forest or meadow – somewhere close to nature, where there are not so many roads and no usual parking lots.

Welcome sign

This wedding sign is by far not obligatory. But in some cases, it can be truly helpful. For instance, there might be several weddings in a hotel or wedding hall, so it’s great when people see the welcome sign and understand that they’re at the right place. You don’t want your guests roaming around asking if they’ve arrived at the right wedding.

A welcome sign is also one of the favorite wedding signs for those couples who are big for stylish wedding décor, because this sign always looks cute and welcoming.

Program sign

Most couples don’t use this wedding sign – you can just put the program of your big day on your wedding website (which people commonly do these days). The program sign includes info about the beginning of the ceremony, time for wedding photos, cocktail hour, when wedding dinner starts, and other activities. By the way, if you’re planning to have any interesting activities at your wedding, include them in the list so that people had something to look forward to, except for the food and drinks. A single sign with the timeline for the day might be of use – guests will be able to find out when they’ll have access to booze and food.

Reserved seating signs

These signs are put on the first row or two rows of the wedding aisle to let your guests know that these seats are for the closest family – parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. Surprisingly, this isn’t always obvious for some people, and guests you hardly even know might look for a better place to sit, which usually are the front rows. So, if you have a lot of wedding guests, use reserved seating signs and you’ll have one less problem.

Unplugged wedding sign

Recently, this sign has become really popular. It tells people to NOT use their gadgets during the wedding ceremony or at least to not film the wedding with smartphones. Because all the gadgets in the wedding photos popping in front of the pro camera ruin the view of the bride and groom. A wedding is a place where a professional photo and video equipment should be used (except for those weddings where couples on purpose don’t hire a wedding photographer). Anyway, if you want your wedding to be unplugged, put a corresponding sign somewhere the guests would see it.

Directional signs

If your wedding location is large and zoned, consider putting a few directional signs to let the guests know where to find what. It can be a tree of signs saying “BBQ”, “photo zone”, “dessert table”, “lounge zone”, or even “WC”. Any locations you have, make signs for them. Your female wedding guests who came to your big day in high heels will definitely be grateful for your efforts.

But if your wedding destination is not that extensive and you can see all the zones at the same time, sure, you don’t need directional signs.

Gifts&cards sign

This sign is useful only for the first few people to show them where to put wedding gifts and cards – the rest will just follow the lead. But this is one of those things you still need to do to bring order. Don’t make your guests wander around asking where they can put their gift or card with money – it’s in your best interest they find the right place quickly.

Seating chart signs

These signs will help your guests find their place at the table or tables fast, so the reception starts in time and without awkward situations. Make sure the signs are noticeable, readable, the font is large enough, etc. People should be able to find the info quickly and easily. By the way, it’s great if the names are written down alphabetically by last name, not randomly or by table numbers.

There are some other wedding signs you can use for your happy day, but these are the most important and widely used. You might want to have many cute signs (they’re great wedding décor) or forego them altogether – it’s your decision.

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