Wedding underwear avaLingerie is a very important part of your wedding attire. No one sees your underwear (at least that’s how it’s supposed to be), but you feel it, and it can really ruin your mood if something isn’t right and comfy. So, don’t forget to pick your bridal lingerie thoroughly. The choice of bridal undergarments depends a lot on the wedding dress you’re planning to wear. We have a few nice tips for brides as to what wedding underwear to use and how to choose it properly.

Wedding lingerie should be comfy

A lot of brides think only about the beauty of their wedding lingerie and not the functionality. But that’s wrong. You will wear it the whole day long, going through different activities. It’s extremely important for your lingerie to be comfortable. At the end of the day, only your groom will see your underwear, and you both will probably be so tired that he won’t care that much what your panties look like.

Undergarments are very personal items, so it’s up to you what style to wear. Just choose something that fits with your personality and mood. Underwear isn’t usually visible to other people, but you definitely notice it if something does not feel right. So, the main demand for your wedding lingerie is that it should be comfortable for you.

Can you go commando?

If you feel like it and your wedding dress allows it, sure. But make sure your gown isn’t sheer or too short. All those princess-style dresses with many layers of fabric easily allow the bride to skip wearing any underwear on her wedding day.

Do a try-out

Before the actual day of the wedding, try putting on your wedding dress with the underwear you’re planning to use. See if it all feels comfortable together. Look in the mirror or (even better) ask someone to look you over to make sure the lines of your lingerie underneath aren’t visible and everything seems in its place. Believe us, pantie lines on your wedding photos – they simply shouldn’t be there.

Bridal lingerie – bra

Pretty much most wedding gowns don’t require a bra. They have their own support for your bust. It can be a corset of some kind or cups attached to the inside of the dress, etc. But if your dress doesn’t have such support, choose your favorite bra style that is familiar to your body and feels comfortable. You might want to try it on before the wedding day and spend a whole day in it so that you felt sure in your underwear. Also, obviously, your bridal underwear should be a matching set.

If your wedding gown is semi-transparent, has sheer inserts on the bodice, or the material is thin, you definitely need a bra. No one wants to see the bride’s nipples through the dress. And for sure, you wouldn’t want them protruding through the fabric on your wedding photos – your future kids will see these pics!

If you don’t feel comfortable with push-up bras or corsets, it’s totally fine to pick a lovely soft lace bra. As a matter of fact, it’s your wedding and only you decide what you feel like wearing.

Bridal lingerie – panties

Never wear black or red underwear with a white wedding dress. Even if the fabric is dense. It might be visible with some specific lighting or from some angles. Sometimes, it shows on the wedding pictures, even if you don’t see anything in person. So, pick either nude or white lingerie for a white dress. And vice versa with a black wedding gown or other colorful dresses. Nude will look fine with any color of a wedding gown. Or the color should match the dress.

Bridal lingerie – spanks

If you’re self-conscious about your shapes and wish to tighten up your curves a bit, you can wear spanks. But make a try-out with your wedding gown to see if the dress hides the pantie lines. Some people like the feel of spanks, others don’t, so decide for yourself if you want to wear them. Also, pick the right design of spanks for your dress.

Bridal lingerie – pantyhose or stockings

Women who have a wedding in summer, obviously, don’t want to add another layer of clothes to their outfit, but what if your wedding is in winter? Of course, you need something to keep you warm. Our advice is to wear only stockings (with garters if you like – much sexier) and never pantyhose. The belt of pantyhose or tights might be seen under the dress and it squeezes your belly, making it uncomfortable to wear them for long (especially when you’re nervous and your stomach knots). Again, pick the style of pantyhose you feel comfortable with – stockings with a garter belt (separate or attached), stockings with silicone border, thigh high socks, etc.

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