Bride box avaYou wish to keep your wedding memories forever? Don’t rely only on wedding photos. You can have a wedding keepsake box to store all those little things that will remind you of this day years after. Brides all over the world used similar bride boxes for centuries, so you’re welcome to join them and create your own memorabilia box. What to put in it? How big should it be? Where to get a wedding keepsake box? Let’s find out.

Wedding signs avaIt’s up to you whether to have wedding signs or not. You can choose just a few absolutely necessary ones or use many cute signs that will make your wedding décor lovelier and more interesting. But you need to decide what signs will work for you. And we can help you with that. Particularly, we’ll talk about parking signs, welcome sign, program sign, directional signs, reserved seating signs, unplugged wedding sign, gifts&cards sign, and seating chart signs.

Buddha avaThai religious wedding ceremonies are very often Buddhist. Such weddings consist of two parts – a Buddhist component and a secular component. While in the past, it was considered a bad sign if a Buddhist monk was present at a marriage ceremony, this superstition has changed dramatically over time and today, most couples visit Buddhist temples on their wedding day or even perform the ceremony there.

Wedding underwear avaLingerie is a very important part of your wedding attire. No one sees your underwear (at least that’s how it’s supposed to be), but you feel it, and it can really ruin your mood if something isn’t right and comfy. So, don’t forget to pick your bridal lingerie thoroughly. The choice of bridal undergarments depends a lot on the wedding dress you’re planning to wear. We have a few nice tips for brides as to what wedding underwear to use and how to choose it properly.

wedding dessert table avaIf your wedding budget is small, you need to be creative to still have a nice and memorable wedding. It’s absolutely possible to spend only a few thousand dollars on your wedding – just set the right priorities and be smart about it. For example, you can save money on wedding décor. In this post, we’ll offer you several tips and tricks about how you can make a stylish DIY wedding dessert table without spending too much on décor – better pay for food, not for antique furniture and chic cake stands.

Wedding fan avaIn the 18th and 19th centuries, wealthy ladies loved to use hand fans. You can find them in many portraits and paintings from this period. All of them were cute but wedding fans were possibly the loveliest. Today, some couples incorporate the tradition of using an ornate fan at a modern wedding, too. It looks chic, elegant, and a bit retro style – though, you can find a wide range of decorative wedding hand fans made in different styles (Asian, futuristic, vintage, flamenco, folklore, etc). It’s a pity the tradition for the groom to send an elaborate hand fan as a wedding gift to his bride has died down.

Albania avaAlbania has a lot of unique wedding traditions, many of them are truly adorable. For example, Albanians often involve little boys in different wedding rituals. Or they greet the bride with gunfire, which is very emotional and thrilling, if you ask me. Albania is a country that values and preserves its old traditions, so some of the customs you’ll read about in this article are centuries-old and performed with little change in the 21st century.

wedding invitation avaWhen you receive a wedding invitation from your friends or family, one of the first things you should do is look for a small RSVP card or reply card. This is a very important part of the formal invitation because it helps the couple make up their wedding guest list (and thus, wedding budget). If you don’t reply to the invitation in time, you might lose your seat at the wedding table, so never postpone your answer for too long. The bride and groom planning their wedding have so much on their minds that they can totally forget about those guests who don’t confirm their attendance.

Nigerian wedding avaWeddings in Nigeria are large, cheerful, and ample. But all that we see at many different weddings around the world. So, let’s find out what Nigerian wedding traditions are truly special and differ from the wedding customs of other countries. Just as a teaser, Nigerian dowry is not what you’d think, brides and grooms pick clothing for some of their wedding guests, and there is a specific person who heckles and taunts the groom and groomsmen during a Nigerian wedding. Want more? You’ll find it below.

Borrow avaWe already have so many posts dedicated to wedding saving tips but there’s never enough because every couple tries to optimize their wedding budget so that they could afford to spend more on their honeymoon or buy a house sooner rather than later. So, we’ll continue to gather nice saving options and share them with you. And this is one of the best tips – borrowing and renting things instead of buying everything brand new is a very logical and sensible option. And here’s why.